Army Assessment Centre Requirements

Hi All,

I am Rejoining the Military as a Reserve and thought I would share my experience to assist others as I couldn't find specific information.

First of all, you do not need to shave! I did and it made no difference! Some had a full on bears and long hair just to make you aware. The Army assessment has changed dramatically since my original experience, they are looking for character and conduct, following simple instructions.

Fail to the above and you will be sent home!

Also the kit list is long and you don't need it all, you do alot of sitting around! It's a long process and alot of people to assess. I prepared for the worse and didn't require it, and it was wet and windy the entire time.

Some arrived in suits and some arrived in tracksuits, personally I would recommend smart jeans, shirt and shoes/boots and a nice jacket. Again they did not judge candidates on dress code, it's not love island after all. However you want to be taken serious, so don't look like a dick!

Night 1- You travel up the day before, typical hurry up and wait scenario! Evening briefs and paperwork to get it all going, food in mess hall and more paperwork. You get assigned a number - Remember it! Bed at around 10-11pm

Day 2 - get up around 0500, start medical and cognitive test etc, it takes most of the day for some, you then do your deadlift pull and med ball throw (very easy). Again you spend alot of time waiting around, no phones allowed and no smoking or vaping. If this is an issue you need to slow the habit before arrival or man up for a few days!

Bed and revally same as before.

Day 3 - 2km run (very easy), then command tasks and grenade throw (be heard on the tasks don't be shy, your always being assessed!).
I passed everything first time and no issue, you have your debrief and informal interview again a suit is not required but smart dress is required. Then on the bus and away from around 11-1300hrs.

Pack some snacks if your a big eater, sweets and stuff for the pockets.

You are also give a water bottle, keep hold of it at all times, another basic test of taking ownership of an item!

If you have any other questions just ask but wanted to share my experience.



War Hero
Just to add to this if someone is reading it for advice, I’ll add onto it a few tips:

1 - During the medical, don’t start telling them you’re grandma is foreign because they have olive skin. If you’re grandparents and parents were all born in the UK then say so, otherwise you ain’t doing the run and you’ll be deferred until you can prove you don’t have sickle cell anaemia. This will change once they sort out the screening process. If you’ve any medical issues prior then go prepared, with doctors notes etc. But I’m the same breath don’t be telling anyone your knee was sore last week, but it’s ok now because the doctors are looking for any excuse to defer you for medical reasons. So don’t be making a mountain out of a molehill if you have a sore ankle/back/knee etc. Just suck it up and keep schtum if your leg isn’t falling off.

2 - Clothing wise you don’t need much, certainly not 2 pairs of trainers. You’ll need - smart clothes (travel in/interview), tracksuit/t shirt (for day 1 for medical/cognitive tests and for the evening), clothes for run (and you’ll wear these for the team tasks under army fatigues) bed clothes (shorts and t shirt). That’s all.

3 - Practise the cognitive tests online, there will be a link in your portal, it isn’t hard but it can catch you out if you lose concentration.

4 - Listen to the staff, seriously, listen to them. They might issue instructions fast because they’ve done so thousands of times, so be alert and LISTEN to them and you’ll be fine.

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