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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eve1962, May 18, 2005.

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  1. Whilst it's great the media attention this is getting, I can't help but think wouldn't it be great if the really important things could also be headline news - when a squaddie is injured in Iraq or anywhere else, highlighting lack of equipment, all those sort of things.
  2. This sort of vid is good for publicity, moral etc and all the other stuff can be raised on the back of that.
  3. The very fact that such a video was produced by guys at sharp end goes some way to contradict the opinion that they are so badly served, morale is low. The beauty is that the British soldier can be relied upon to do his duty - to death and beyond - time after time regardless of how his masters treat him. Go back in history, As we used to say about women - keep them ill-fed and poorly-shod and they'll work wonders
  4. Well said RC. And that's a tribute to the sheer moral courage and conviction of the people who serve, no matter how people may complain about standards slipping. Hell, most of the guys in that vid will have been "gobby little no hope sprogs with no concept of discipline" when I left.

    I for one salute them.
  5. hear hear. i think it's absolutely fantastic - great for morale
  6. Have posted the link on another site to help them get there with their million viewings. Its a great video i think

    Well Done
  7. Undoubtedly hillarious and an inadvertant publicity coup. Typical squaddie humour, thankfully tame enough for the mass market. Certainly keeping us amused out here in the sunshine! Amazing how something amusing can circulate the Army in a matter of hours, yet important official announcements and information often never reach their intended audience. i wonder whether Bowman would manage to have distributed it as effectively (well I don't really wonder at all...).

  8. Wow you guys. you're all turning a simple act of fun and joke by men with nothing to do but fear for their lives into something serious. After serving in Iraq, they just found themselves on break, had some fun, laughed, and made us laugh. Nothing more to it. I applause for their hilarious acts!
  9. Absolutey bloody brilliant!!!!! lol
  10. This is the funiest Vid I have seen for ages, well done lads.

    Think we better do a Laggerversion now 8O
  11. Wow, your post is so profound! :roll: :roll: Bite Over :twisted:

    And now for the wannabees

    Some of us have been there at least, twice others have been 'blessed' with four visits...................

    join the Army first and then get an appreciation for humour. It was fun and it is good.

    I suspect your not a deep thinker :wink:
  12. OK, I will bite too.

    Some 'break'. Did you notice at all that these guys were actually IN Iraq? Not at some R&R portaloo theme camp, but in reserve. But thank you for your 'applausing' them mate, welcome to the site.