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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Goodfella, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Does the Army have an Archery Team/Club? I am in the Royal Signals and have been doing Archery now with a civvy club for about 8 months now and thoroughly enjoy it. I would consider starting my own club at my current unit, but unfortunately I have a substantial heavy work committment so I would be unable to commit full time to it.

    I am a recurve archer pulling 30lbs. Only got a starter bow (despite costing me close to £500!). I've had 3 Robin Hoods already so my grouping is definately getting there. Am getting over 300 on an Andy Harris and also recently got over 500 on a Portsmouth shoot competition.

    If there are any other budding Archers out there who may be around the Nuneaton area it would be good to hear from you as well as finding out where is a good club to go to. I am currently with a civvy club called Saint Edmunds Archers. We are all a great bunch, but however I will shortly be posted which is a shame since all the guys (and girls) at the club are really friendly.
  2. I think they disbanded shortly after Agincourt,
  3. I think that there is a 'Bowmen of Bosworth' archery club near to Nuneaton but can't find address, they shoot at the Battlefield Centre.
  4. I had no idea defence cuts were hitting so hard. I knew that front line Arty training ammunition had been rationed for years; but this is absolutely ridiculous, it really is. Whoever thought this one up has definately dropped a bollock; the French are going to be livid and thats going to upset the Foreign Office, UEFA and doubtless the French lorry drivers and fishermen can be relied upon to strike at the drop of a hat...... arrow or wandering Frenchman who gets in the way come to that.
  5. Further to my post, my son makes bows of different 'pulls'.
  6. There used to be a very strong team of Archers at the JLR RAC but I was in the rifle team, so they were the enemy
  7. Stick with the civvy club for as long as you can. I joined the Sherwood Foresters and was bitterly disappointed to be given a SLR :D
  8. I put stitches in Robin Hoods head once, honest, he was a Sgt in A Sqn 1721st Lancers and had cought his Chieftain hatch across the top of his head in BATUS
  9. Yes, there is an archery 'club'. I'll see if I can find the details for you.
  10. post removed
  11. Dragstrip, many thanks for this. I have contacted the Chairman to ask for any forthcoming competitions. Watch this space!!

    Many thanks also to all the other posts whether useful or not!!! You know who you are..... LOL
  12. No probs. I've now removed the post.
  13. Thank you for this BenghaziBandit. I am however a Recurve archer. I've not ventured onto longbow or compound yet. Maybe in a few years or so.

  14. Goodfella, if you get chance look into NFAS style field archery, I've shot Target and Field and find the variety of targets, plus being out in the Woods more interesting than Standing on a flat field. I do target archery to work on my form, but find field much more challenging.
  15. Sinner251, i'll take a look. I currently only shoot Recurve and really enjoy 'trying' to get my technique right. I also enjoy trying to get an accurate shot, which is partly the reason why i've never gone for Compound. I think there's more of a skill with Recurve without getting downhearted by going Longbow if you know what i'm trying to say.