Army Apprentice College Book


I dont think it will be as funny as picking up the brass!


I worked there in the early 80s.
Bet I know a few stories not in there.


April 81. & if you were there then you would have stood in front of my desk :roll:


Santa_Sunday said:
jack-daniels said:
oldbaldy said:
I worked there in the early 80s.
Bet I know a few stories not in there.
Really? When? I got there Sept 80.

What a bunch of phucking sprogs they were.........

(*Looks JD squarley in the eyes)
You know's it.
I have ordered a copy, as I was on the original (I think) Freedom of Harrogate parade (70C). I will pass it on to any interested but tight-fisted parties on request.
I think I was there as an A/T when the author was the commandant.

Not sure if I can summon up enough interest to order a copy though.
You can also get them from the Corps Museum. The "Gammy", who wrote the book, still runs the shop-museum I think. He saw me in 2000, and still recognised me!

No pics of me in there though. :(
The original Freedom of Harrogate parade was 1966 or '67 - can't remember which year, but I was there - 64B
I was 75c, unfortunately I have the book at home and recognized some people.

There are some stories involving a provost sergent, a pair of house bricks and a shetland pony. Amongst others :)
Nicked the book off a fellow apprentice and although it's good for facts and figures and the opportunity to see your own name immortalised in print I've got to say that it's a pretty dull read - felt a bit like browsing the phone book really. Sorry if that offends anybody but that's my opinion at this ungodly hour (on duty), so probably not at my most charitable.

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