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I am a civilian who is in the process of applying to join the army. I have done the BARB tests, and passed the 1.5 mile run, but today received a letter saying I am medically unsuitable. Its due to a stomach condition I had when I was younger. I had erosive gastritis, and took medication for about two years. I have'nt taken or been prescribed anything for over 5 years, and have'nt experienced any difficulties either. I have been told that I can appeal by getting my doctor to write a letter stating that its not a problem for me anymore. Can anyone give me some advice as to what I should get my doctor to say, or does it make no difference, and they are likely to reject me again anyway? If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it, as I am gutted that something that does'nt affect me anymore is stopping me from joining.
Similar thing happened to me with athsma from school days, Got a letter from GP saying I had received no treatment or medication for 3 years and that in his opinion I would suffer no future recurrence. Seemed to do the trick as i am just weeks short of my 5 year point now.

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