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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kernowleo, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Im thinking of applying for the army, im british but have lived outside of the UK now for almost 10 years, constantly moving (work related). I was just wondering how this affects (if at all) my application eg. security clearence.

  2. Ah well... my girlfriend says I have to be extra nice as you have a cornish thingie in ya name n she's from truro. Best thing to do is to goto your local careers office and ask them. If you are a british passport holder then surely thats the main thing. But a careers advisor there should be 1st point of call matey.
  3. i would but its about 750kms away. and was just gathering some info before making the journey across back to blighty. ;)
  4. Ah well i see. in THAT case.....erm.....there MAY be a recruiter browsing the forums somewhere. Fivetodo is often the resident recruiting guru. But i imagine being a UK passport holder helps. checked army website?

    Edit to add

    If you are a British Citizen then this seems to say your ok
  5. nice one thanks alot! :)
  6. Just thought id add your in for a long haul to acctually gettin in the army mate, its taking ages for apps to go through at the moment mate but good luck and keep us all posted :D
  7. An undertone of lemony bitterness there punk haha
  8. yeah man!!! im that bitter ive been passing lemonade instead of pish!! ;)
  9. Your security will be out of the window, You need to have lived here for five years.
    This will put most technical jobs out for you.
  10. I certainly wouldnt be hurrying up to visit the UK for info, the Army is pretty much fully manned (or will be imminently), if you can minimise the travelling i would, try using the online office on the Army website ;)

    Things are going to change within recruiting shortly (that reads very shortly) and the waiting times for jobs are going to increase, in some cases dramatically ;)
  11. How likely is this to affect those up currently in the process of applying, five?

    I can see the next intake for my chosen trade is 24/08/2009 and that is likely to be too early for me. For recruiter suggested I may have to wait until January. I'm prepared to do this, but I'd hope it won't be any longer.
  12. i spoke to someone today and he said as an infantryman i would be looking at waiting 3-6 months. which to me is alright...
  13. Not too sure where he got that info from then, if you are going Scottish Division it might be that quick but for all other Infantry intakes we are already loading the last ones for November, but most are now well into January and beyond and its set to get worse as we are extremely close to reaching our recruiting limit until April 10

    As for other trades, at the moment the only guaranteed vacancies are those that are termed 'Difficult to recruit' which in all fairness is a term i dislike (as they are not difficult to recruit for, we just need lots of them).

    At the moment the Army is finding itself in a position we havent been in for years in terms of recruitment and it is a situation that has caught most of the recruiting world off guard, lots of jobs are going to be restricted in the amount of vacancies that will be available as we reach our limit, but if anyone wants to join Scottish Division Infanty will be laughing ;)
  14. Fivetodo, do you happen to know what recruitment for Royal Armoured Corp regiments is like?
  15. Geting worried now to be honest. My medical forms were handed into the careers office today.....but my recruiter is away on leave till at least next week. And he said that when id returned the forms he'd make sure my job choice(s) were put down on record. With all the talk of recruiting reaching its 'full up' point in many trades/units etc im worrying i might miss the window and be waiting ages. Maybe (and most likely) im worying bout nothing but i cant help but imagine my hopes of HCAV paddling away from me.