Army anti bullying policy failure to be exposed

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by kennys-go-nad, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know about this? It was in my local paper last night. Sorry there is no LINK

    I just typed up the first part, WITHOUT NAMEING NAMES.

    What are the rules governing serving soldiers other half, from publishing a book on such matters?

  2. The person writing the book isnt serving, therefore, what can be done? NOTHING.
  3. True, but its about the serving soldier and the officers who I would guess are all serving.
  4. D Notice?
  5. I think it would be OK, after all most officers like to big themselves up in a book, why not a pad telling it as it is. The only problem I see is slander.

    I remember an LE who was offered a publishing contract to tell his version of the Falklands, his story. It was said he would exposed a number of highly decorated officers for alleged walt type acts of daring do as nothing more then cowards in the face of battle, who took the credit for soldiers who did the real deed and paid the price. I was later told he was handsomely paid off by the MOD not to do it. If its going to ruffle feathers after all the bad press on bullying in the army and high ranking officers are involved I would be not be shocked if the same happens on this one. :roll:
  6. Slander if any part of the book is an untruth and states it is based on fact.

    Aside with that, what would be the incoming for the serving soldier if wife was to tell all, Would he be subject to Admin. action true or not? any Adjt out there?
  7. If "wife was to tell all" then serving soldier better have a bloody good defence as to why he did not tell her all and indeed how he thought she might otherwise have come by the information. If the wife of a soldier serving in my unit had produced such an expose, I suspect my CO would have reached straight for Section 69 and the OSA, masking taped them together, added a stapler to provide weight and stability before instructing me to throw the things at said soldier - at groin height!!
  8. From the reading the soldiers complaint involves harassment of the soldiers wife, so I guess she would have sight of the redress if not have provided statements. There are other links but I know there are sensitive issues involved with this subject.
  9. I've actually seen officers conspire to lie and falsify statements regarding bullying to make the complainant look bad. The whole system stinks to high heaven and the sooner we have a soldiers federation the better i say!
  10. msr

    msr LE

    What did you do about that then?

  11. I think there is a problem in recognising just what is hard training and what is bullying. Quite often with many people that join the Forces this is the first time they have been made to do what they are told. There is not discussion about it, they are expected to act on their order even if they dint like them. With many of these the new recruits they have cruised through school ignored the rules and told the the teacher to EFF of when ever it took their fancy, and treated their parents in much the same way. So there is a huge shock in being shouted at and made to do as you are told, now to many of them is nothing less bullying.
  12. Do we know what the big is to be called ?
  13. There is no bullying in the army. It's hardly the army/government's fault that a bunch of big ******* jessys are trying to join up now, is it?
  14. Continuous attitude surveys detail less than 10% of those who record answers report bullying (with obviously a much smaller amount of proved bullying accusations)

    This compares with 28% in the Police and 48% in the NHS

    Bullies are weak twats who need sorting out, but the Army has less of a problem than the papers say we have
  15. I was the victim of such a stunt and it opens your eyes when Officers lie. Quite a rude awakening for me. All trust went after that. I have never trusted an Officer since, particularly LEs. The system needs a radical change, not a shake up. I was once of the old school attitude that 'soldiers federations' weren't required as there is no place for a union type organisation in the Forces, but having been on the receiving end of such conduct, I now believe that a federation or at least an independant body is a neccessity.

    It will come, it's only a matter of time. People can argue that the existence of such bodies will be to the detriment of the organisation as a whole. That may be so, but the organisation only has itself to blame.

    Bullying comes in many forms and the Army is one place where it can hide, safe in the knowledge that it will be protected as an Officers loyalty is to his 'Brother Officer'.