Army and RAF listed as top 100 social mobility employers

The Army and the Royal Air Force have today been listed as two of the top 100 employers in the country for encouraging social mobility.

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Indeed , become an RAF officer and slide down the class system. By the way , which way do they pass the sauce bottle in the mess?
Oh dear, no appearance by the Senior Service? I also note it focuses on the lower levels of the forces recruitment, how many council estate kids go on to become generals.
Great - apart from the fact that only 172 employers have signed up to this scheme; and they only represent 1.5m employees.

The Social Mobility Foundation has this morning published its annual Social Mobility Index, ranking the Army as 55th and the RAF as 76th. The Ministry of Defence has also been listed 35th.

Think The Army & RAF need to do more and get in to the top 30 before cheering about it.
At least the MoD are going the right way, but no mention of the Royal Navy, that is not good?

Wait till all 3 services & MoD are top 30 then cheer!

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