Army and RAF help combat Mount Kenya fires

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 22, 2012.

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  2. See, it isn't hard to actually link in a news story that is relevant and actually newsworthy...

    A little too much RAF Centric for my liking though.

    And who ever wrote it needs a slap.

    'a joint RAF and Army team'

    No, seniority goes as follows.

    Royal Marines,

    so a joint Army and RAF team.

    It could have been 'a joint Navy, Marines and Army team' but not 'RAF and Army'.
  3. Having ran past them the other day on the mountain (dont feckin ask my legs are still shagged!) the RAF contribution seemed to be a load of the fat feckers sat outside a 12 x 12 sunbathing and waiting for the kettle on the camping stove to boil, whilst the LEC's ran around doing all of the work. Mind you, not their fault, the nearest suitable hotel for them is in Oman so they are probably still dealing with that trauma.
  4. If they are TSW then nothing more needs to be said, they do the same in Afghan.
  5. Just to be pedantic :)
  6. According to the story its the Puma Force doing the fire fighting, whilst TSW and Signals lot drive kenyan fire fighters about. Through no lack of courage on anyone's part, infact probably the opposite, its going to have to be Raf centric when we are the ones dumping s*** loads of water all over the place.

    Considering this is one of the last jobs for Puma seems a good way to go out.
  7. I thought Puma 2 funding has been secured?
  8. Im figuring it'll be a while to get it done though.
  9. Puma was not dumping water, it was only used for an initial recce, if you read the feed properly its there. The Bambi buckets were being flown by civ div pilots under eurocopter AS350's. The OSHKOSH tankers (driven by LEC's out here) were providing the water for the buckets. Crab was to be seen under the tents, looking confused by the lack of walls, cable tv and aircon. Heaven forbid crab using a medium lift helicopter to actually lift stuff when there is a perfectly good swimming pool at Mt Kenya safari club to lounge by in their polyester safari suits impressing gullible fat yank tourists.
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  10. Yea thats right, i miss-read it. But according to the article the fire-fighters were led by Raf, so cant really accuse him of sitting about. Not sure what damage 30 fire-fighters would actually do though.