Army and International Sportsmen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chiefwiggum, Oct 9, 2003.

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  1. With Rugby World Cup upon us, I recalled Tim Rodbers 'little' incident whilst playing against Sth Africa and started to try and think of other international sportsman from the Army. I know bobsled and biathlon have many service personnel but who else is there :?:
  2. I know of a few ex Army who now represent their countries at Football:

    Maik Taylor - Ex REME (Northern Ireland)
    Gary Holt - Ex RLC (Scotland)

    There are probably more than this but I have only been in since '92. :eek:
  3. Isn't Josh Lewsey, England Full Back some sort of Army?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Kris Akabusi
  5. Kelly Holmes is an ex Gym Queen i think
  6. Princess Anne represented the UK at the Olympics at Horse Riding, I'm sure she's Colonel in Chief of a few regiments, does that count? ;)
  7. Josh Lewsey was at Sandhurst (potential RA Officer) but I believe has resigned to follow a Rugby Career
  8. Ex RLC????????
    Do they roll him on to block up the goalmouth? :twisted:
  9. Nah - He was a Chef so he didn't eat the slop that he served to everyone else !!

    Kelly Holmes was AGC (SPS) - apparently we are not all fat pie eaters !! :oops:
  10. Gareth somone or other - The Green Howards

    European powerlifiting Champion, and he's only a nipper. Big bloke too , looks like he could carry the Gimpy in a shoulder holster.
  11. Kelly Holmes was AGC??? Bloody Hell.
    Top Totty in my opinion.
  12. Shooting :)

    At "Home Countries" level, there were several at the Commonwealth Games. Northern Ireland had a pistol shooter (regular Army) and a fullbore rifle shooter (regular RAF, won a Gold). The Scots have a STAB rifle shooter and a regular RAF shotgun manager; the Welsh had an RAFVR rifle shooter (who won a Gold); the English have an ex-regular-RAF pistol shooter who won several Gold medals.

    At the GB level (for the Olympic events, anyway), it's just the English pistol shooter and the Scottish STAB, neither of whom look as if they're going to Athens...... :(
  13. I think the sport was the Luge (the barking mad sport where someone hurtles themselves head first on a tea-tray down a bobsled course) where we did quite well at the Winter Olympics. Our top female competitor was a crab.
  14. Sig Clarence Callender sprinted for UK
    Capt Glen Grant was a UK middle distance runner a few years back.

    Kris Akabusi was a regimental PTI with 1 PWO before the '84 Olympics and was running CFTs with the boys, organising potted sports for the families and taking wive's keep fit club only six weeks before the Games.

    He was an absolute top bloke and it's a pity the Army couldn't have persuaded him to stay.
  15. I think she's playing for the other team.....if you catch my drift.