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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AAC4ME, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Hello....

    Im very interested in applying to join the Army Air Corps and wondered if anyone could help me with a number of questions as i try gather up some info. Only just found the site so forgive me if any of this stuff has been answered 100 times before! :)

    . Pay Scales and promotion opportunities?
    . Travel and sports available?
    . Timescales from Application to Entry (if succesful obviously)

    I havent spoken to my Afco yet as i have an application going through for WSOp as part of the RAF - but before i go any further with that im seriously thinking of cancelling and swapping to AAC. I play football semi professionally in civilian life and also wonderd how easy it was to get involved with within the Army?

    Cheers for any help, again sorry if its a repeated thread! :oops:
  2. So - what if you are successful with the RAF application?

    Also - if you know so little about the AAC route etc, why do you think you might pull the RAF application and swap?

    This isn't one against the other - you have to research and think a bit more about what you want from it all. The RAF play football too you know!
  3. It depends what you want to do in the AAC.

    And i can tell you now, WSOp is a very popular job in the RAF, mainly due to the pay.

    Most AAC jobs are higher pay scales but will not be anywhere near the WSOp pay.
  4. I appreciate that, but to be honest its not too much about the money, more about the job in hand.
    Im at a stage with my WSOp app where its up to me to ring in for my filter interview so its not about putting the jobs against each other, its about making the right decision and looking at the future prospects.

    I have researched to some degree which is why its something im thinking about doing, and what ive read about AAC soldiers having the option if succesful to go through flying training is something im really interested in.
  5. Well why not go for Pilot with the RAF? Working your way up from trooper with the AAC would not be an easy route to pilot.

    Douthy - I can tell you that WSOp is a popular job because of the job - money has little if anything to do with why anyone joins the Armed Forces.
  6. You could so worse than to drop a PM to Flash, Muttley and Golf11

    All are upto date and time served and current Army Air Corps soldiers, and as reluctant as I am to say it successful in their given and different fields.

    Don't go Crab air mate, you'll never get laid
  7. hiya I wanted to join the AAC but be mindful because you have to have near-perfect eyesight and hearing
    But hey i'm going in the HCAV now and all's well but remember to think of 2 choices and not only one.
  8. Far from being one to "big up" the AAC as they're mostly gayers, but I notice you're a semi professional footballer.

    If you joing the Crabs you'll also be in a semi professional organisation and it will be equally as unfulfilling, and full of self loathing and thoughts of "If only I'd put the effort in and gone pro"

    That and you'll dress like a tramp on acid for the rest of your "career"
  9. I wasn't trying to imply that people only do it for the money, but in todays "booming" job economy, a lot of people would choose that job above others in the raf and army for the wage.
  10. Is that a proven? Do you have any evidence? Are the RAF on a completely different pay scale to anyone else?
  11. Hmmm! Helicopters to Horses. I can see the correlation :?
  12. No its just WSOp, i had a look at it before i set my heart on the army.

    WSOp, 33k p.a after training

    AAC, not sure what payband they are on, but i know it isn't 33k after training.
  13. As a WSOp, he may well be on 33k after training but he will stay on that for a very long time. Not only that, he'll be laughed at by proper aircrew for just as long.
  14. Its still a lot of money considering you only need 5 GCSE's and no a levels.
  15. If he's happy to be a crab Sgt forever and spend his time tidying up white horror boxes, he can crack on being an under achiever. :wink: