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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wd74, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. A quick question if anybody knows, I'm contemplating joining the TA I am an ex reg with 7 years service in the Royal Engineers but I fancy trying something different. I would like to join the AAC but my nearest unit would be in Netheravon, which is around 1 ½ hours away on a good run. Basically I just need to know is there a limit on the travel allowed for the AAC, I know specialist RE units recruit from all over the country but I’m not sure about other units

  2. Check your PM's, mate.
  3. I notice that the AAC TA website makes reference to groundcrew / aircrew opportunities. Is it possible to be AAC TA and have an airborne role?
  4. Unfortunately only until April of this year. After that, we are binning 7 Regt AAC and pretty much most of the aircrew. A bloody waste if you ask me and the money 'saved' will prove to be a false economy.

    (Even if 7 Regt and its Flights did stay, the aircrew are all former regular military pilots).
  5. Seconded.