Army Air Corps with drink drive conviction?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by hollywood4130, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone. I passed selection in March with my job choice being the infantry (Royal Anglian Regiment). The reason I chose the Infantry was because I had a drink driving ban and my careers office said that was my only option. The rules then changed and at selection I was told that I cant start training until my driving ban is over as they have just started driver training towards the end of infantry training, My second choice was to join the Army Air Corps but couldn't due to my ban. By the time I start any training I will have my license back so does anyone know if it is possible for me to switch job choices or will the Army Air Corps not take anyone with a drink drive conviction on their license? I will speak to my careers office but would just like to know if anyone else has any info... Thanks! Mark
  2. I think Air Corps have stopped recruiting for the time being mate.

    Not sure about the drink driving though...All I can be certain is you were a prat for doing it :)
  3. You need a driving licence within the Corps, you would drive up to C+E! You would be unable to join old boy !
  4. I can hear it being 1st paraded and staffed with self righteous cnuts as I speak.
  5. Is it your first offence? If so most regiments wouldn't really have an issue with it: most of the recruiters and officers are honest enough to know that they themselves have often driven while over the limit (who hasn't?), and know that they were just lucky not to get caught.

    It may help if you explain how you came to be over the limit (no, not just through drinking booze!): was it on the evening/same day as drinking or the morning after? Many is the time I drove down to London and back to Larkhill nursing an almighty hangover and gobbling mints to get rid of the stench of stale alcohol leaking from my lungs.

    Just remember: there is only one crime in the Army: getting caught! Don't get caught again and I doubt you'll have any problems. Top tip: drive a decent car, dress well and don't drink and drive on a Friday or Saturday night as that's when the rozzers are most expecting it. Drive normally and the plod won't have any reason to pull you over, and you can get home easily.
  6. I'd have to agree. Presentation is everything, if your pulled over and your sat bolt upright in an old Ford Probe wearing a fleece jacket on back to front with your hair coiffured by the 4 open windows you deserve a f*cking.

    Creeping into Arbroath at 07:00 with Radio 4 on low and already in working dress usually guaranteed me a result.
  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Having a beer in you gives you the courage to do one sharpish if you hit someone and mow them down whilst under the influence.
  8. Spent many a time pissed in the of the worst hangovers I had...i got altitude sickness climbing in to a bowser....felt rougher than the birds at the Netheravon NAAFI DISCO
  9. You deffo wont get apache or lynx on your FMT 600 with a DnD.
  10. At least not for a couple of years, but he would be allowed to play with other rotary wings.
  11. So what, until youve dragged a hanger door halfway off after backing out a Pinzgauer on your own after an 8 hour sesh youve not lived, my career had effectively peaked at that point :D
  12. Mate i got apache and gazelle taken off my FMT for speeding in the apache bloody RAF police.
  13. Never really seen the issue with D&D as long as you only have 5 or 6 pints.

    My spacial awareness and bravery is definitely improved and it also stops my hands shaking.
  14. Pearls of wisdom from someone based in Budapest. Just wondering if you would have the same shiiite attitude if any of your family/friends had been wiped up by a numbnuts like you. Get a grip, this ain't the NAAFI so I won't bite.

    Note, I am not taking a holier than thou attitude with the original poster. He made a mistake and deserves a second chance. Best of luck to him.
  15. My favourite part of Alcoholicly Enhanced Motoring is being waved past the breathtesting team with a cheery grin while the poor pr1ck before you gets wheeled in and embarrassed in front of his wife and kids. Cue the "Why aren't you out catching criminals" lament whilst Ol'Filthy cruises past him with a dozen lagers under his belt. I can't see why some blokes go all girly about it, it's only an escape and evasion excercise with a car and a gutful of p1ss thrown in.