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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FrogPrince, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. 6 Regiment Army Air Corps (Volunteers) is an Attack Helicopter Ground Crew Regiment equipped to support the Regular Army in providing vital Attack Helicopter Support. We are looking for people to train as: Re-arming and Re-fuelling Specialists, Command Post Operators and Signallers, Drivers, Logistic Specialists (Chefs & Supply) and Clerks.

    We also look for individuals with the leadership skills, confidence and maturity to become Officers.

    7 Regiment Army Air Corps (Volunteers) is unique within the TA as we directly support HQ Land Command with battlefield helicopter tasking. During peacetime this mainly consists of liaison flying, regular and TA exercise support, TA and cadet familiarisation flights and general Regiment training.

    No previous military experence is required to join as a member of our groundcrew as we will provide all the training that you require, that being said we are always more than happy to receive enquiries from ex-Regular, ex-TA or serving TA personnel.
  2. Any idea when this lot go live
  3. Already underway. The formal AAC re-badging ceremony is on Sunday 2nd July, I believe.
  4. I assume that you are looking for God's Corps members as well?

    Otherwise you might have trouble with all those trucks and guns not working.
  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Don't do this to me....would love to join up again and this would be ideal for me....not sure how the Pilots would react to a grunt with more knowledge of thier systems than them but hey it would be fun finding out.

    Unfortunately the fitness had plummeted in the last 4 years and the wife would rip body parts off me if I joined up again.

    Oh well..sounds like a good chuckle for those involved.

  6. Try us, numb nuts :wink:
  7. That would be a bite then? :D

    First time I've seen this however

    Is this policy now?

    Frog P , haven't you got anything nearer the Midlands? Don't fancy fighting all the caravans to getting back after a testing weekend....
  8. 3 and 4 Regt AAC are based at Wattisham, hence the 202 Bty, Bury St Edmonds re-badging / re-training process.

    The TA Re-balancing document states that a new Sqn within 6 Regt with be formed at Dishforth, which is where my interest lies (North Yorkshire to Wiltshire is a long drive, even at small o'clock on a Saturday morning). However...

    ...the results of the Defence Airfield Review and JHC's Project Belvedere could mean 9 Regt have to move South, so nothing is certain at this time.

    (All open source BTW)
  9. Absolutely stupid question, but what are the regulations in regards to hair length for males in the TA?
  10. Same as for the female’s..... The British Army is an equal opportunity’s employer
  11. Don't suppose they need guys with 19 years HF/VHF knowledge?
  12. Funnily enought white horse, I just PMd him with a similar question. Positive reply so hoping something happens soon as I need a challenge and this sounds gooooooodddd !!!!!
  13. Is 7 Regiment Army Air Corps based around Salisbury way?
    As I'm interested in giving them a looksee.
  14. or people in the North that know the wing span of a Chipmunk and Bulldog?

    Sounds like everyone is going AAC :lol: