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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by william.fq, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. This is a Q: for the hidden recruiters in this Forum.
    Just completed ADSC with a high A grade, with all passion to join the AAC as i did my private pilots license and obviously want to have my chance to fly after LCpl rank with recommendation to Cpl.

    I know my recruiter will get in touch soon but more info the better.
    Here is my Question:
    Does anybody have info on when they will be recruiting next maybe Q3 or Q4 (2012) if at all this year. I am a little worried after all the effort ive put in with the budget cuts that AAC wont hire for another 2 years (as an example :pale:).

    Also any advice from some of the old chaps on what to really work on to gain rank sooner as i am 25 now and i think the age is 29 for the cut of to Pilot training.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.:slow:​
  2. Don't join the the AAC.
  3. Join as an Officer.
  4. Rotary or fixed wing PPL?

    I knew a chap who did his Rotary PPL in his own time to piss the course but failed grading as he couldn't fly a fixed wing aircraft for toffee (his words not mine)
  5. Having a PPL is no help whatsoever, you may know a little more but not enough to make a difference. As to flying later i'd suggest you apply either for a commsision with the Army RN or RAF if flying is your first aim
  6. Fixed wing. Thing is I am too old for a commission at Sandhurst as i've been told ( 25 yrs old now) and they are full up for the next 2 years.

    So that leaves me with the one chance to be a LCpl and work as a Crewman and having a better chance at doing the aptitude test for pilot training.

    Why do you say 'Dont join the AAC" i dont think anybody wants to re fuel a Helli as a career but its the best choice to be recommended for pilot training is it not?

    Thanks again for your quick responses guys
  7. Having a PPL, of either flavour, actually puts you at a disadvantage, as your instructors will have to beat your expensive yet ultimately useless prior-learning out of you before they teach you their way of doing things.

    Being a bubble-washer is of no particular advantage when it comes to selection for flying training. Of far greater value to the Corps will be military skills gleaned from service in other Arms. Plus, if you're a particularly good Bowser Mong, your CoC will be reluctant to give you up. Hence my advice to join any other Arm that will take you right now.
  8. As CB says, being Army Air Corps first is doesn't guarantee a Pilots slot. The guys in the AAC on the ground are a good bunch but only a very small few get anywhere near a helicopter. I'd still suggest the other Services first.
  9. There was no need to get personal about my height there timex !! ;-)