Army Air Corps Memorial Windows

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Proximo, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Right you lot!

    Having spent large amounts of time (as a Friend of Salisbury Cathedral) smartening up your Corps' Memorial windows inside, go and look at them!

    And make a donation while you're at it! The guides are free, by the way...

    If you can't find them, go to the far side of the nave, look for the Glider Pilots' Regiment memorial on the wall then look straight up!
  2. Good work Proximo, I will def have a butcher's next i'm down Wallop (and make a donations)
  3. Its awesome,

    I left against my will, but was moved to tears when I seen the absolute encapsulation of our spirit.

    I know some people have malice towards me but, most surely, have indifference?

    Therefore lets not be petty and degrade this with insults.

    the "light" is fearsome at Salisbury.

    Anyway as the GPR would say "nothing is impossible"
  4. Not wanting to belittle the Thread title but you didnt leave against your will you were thrown in disgrace and deserved it and more.
  5. Check your pm's.
  6. Thanks Fablon,
    Replied in PM.
  7. Please take your pointless attempt to 'clear your name' elsewhere, Ginge. This thread isn't really the place is it?

    All you will achieve is;

    1. Reminding everyone why you are no longer in the Corps
    2. Opening old wounds
    3. Pishing everyone else off who doesn't appreiciate your taste in women.

    Please take the advice and go elsewhere.

    I dont think you will be well recieved in the Aviation forum to be honest. Your choice.