Army Air Corps entry requirements query

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by btf_29, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. Dear all,

    A good friend of mine is starting her application process to start her officer training at RMAS and is keen to try to join the AAC. I'm starting at RMAS on Jan 8th next year, and I've been offering her advice on the process, and I was wondering if the fact that she's had breast augmentation (implants) surgery might be a bar to entry for that particular regiment.

    As far as I'm aware, having breast implants doesn't prevent you from being able to join. However, I figure that an environment of tight safety harnesses across your chest with various forces etc. could be an issue.

    I'd be grateful if anyone with any knowledge on the area (the entry requirements that is, not breasts :eye: ) could reply.


    P.S. I know i'll get the usual "we'll need photographic evidence" etc. etc. but if you do seriously know, get in contact. Cheers.
  2. We allow women with arse implants so I shouldn't think there would be an issue.
  3. Spearmint Rhino are looking for staff that are stacked well, so i'm told.

    What does your "friend" want to do in the AAC?
    Be a pin up for the lads?
    Or doing something useful on the ground?
  4. Are there not enough tits running the Corps ATM?
  5. I believe that an ego the size of Wales is the main prerequisite.
  6. I thought I posted similar a min ago vg, has there been 'editing'.
  7. On the other hand doesn't teh fact she's had boobage augmentation mean she's got 'issues'? Self esteem and all that.
  8. I had't posted it, it was stashed awya in another open window.
  9. No idea, having been out so long. Bet there is enough ***** though.