Army Air Corps / Dog Handler

Hi guys. I have signed up on here to ask for some help about chooising a career in the Army.

I dont have the best qualifications ever, i dont have a GCSE above a grade D in any Tech or Science. But i have GCSE's above C in English and Maths and i also have 2 A Levels. The lack of Grade C or above in a Tech or a Science limits my options about what jobs i can do in the army.

I am only 19 at the moment, worked in Tesco for the past 3 years. But i am sick of it, same thing everyday. I need a job where i get a challenge and get a chance to see the world and experience stuff normal guys dont do.

I found two jobs that tickle my fancy, Air Corps Soldier being my first choice, as i have always wanted to work with helicopters. Second one being a dog handler. Any of you guys on here done these roles and can give me your feedback on them?

Also are they even taking on in these positions? I know most jobs in the RAF were over applied for.

Also one thing that worries me is i have never been away from home before, never been in a helicopter or plane, so its all a big gamble to me if i apply. What i want to know is... do the army take these things in to account that us youngsters will be doing these things for the first time? or do they just absoultely rape you? haha.



There's a joke in there, somewhere..........

......never been in a helicopter.......
Don't worry, you'll get plenty of practice pushing, pulling and polishing them before you get airborne in one.
You probably will get raped, but if its your first time they will take it into account. They will make allowances, such as using suitable lube, or margarine/butter if you're not so lucky.

All I can say is, do it! I worked at Tesco during and after college, and I'm so grateful I escaped! I dont know much about the roles you're interested in, so wait for someone in the know to come along.

Good luck!

PS - You shouldn't get raped really. Unless you join certain units...
Dogs bite, and Helicopters make you puke, both good fun though
Hedge your bets. Get a really long dog lead! I never worked in Tesco's but do shop there now and again. You will be safer in the army.

Has anyone mentioned dry bumming yet?
Best of both worlds...become a helicopter handler?
LancePrivateJones said:
Cuddles said:
Best of both worlds...become a helicopter handler?
Or even a dog pilot.
Sadly no that one doesn't work but you seem to have the idea!
cheers for the replys so far guys haha. army is a definate route im going to take, i just got to find the right job, army air corps seems to suit me the best. but then dog handler also seems pretty cool!

im planning on getting an eye test soon, and booking a medical with the doc so i can make sure im in working order, then if all is good i will start training so i can apply and hopefully pass the selection. do GP's do the same sort of medicals as the army? really want to make sure im in perfect condition save me going all the way to a selection then finding out theres something wrong with me.
Hey might be 2 late seen as it was last year u posted ur comment but ya never no.
I'm currently servin in army air corps and considerin transferring 2 RAVC as dog handler n to be honest m8 if all ya want 2 do is get a good career away from tesco then air corps not a bad way 2 go.
Can't say 2 much about dog handler as not done it yet but air corps not all its cracked up 2 be
However there is some brilliant opportunities open to u and lots of different paths u can take once in.
As a groundcrew or signals specialist u will not have to go in an aircraft however u will probly get the choice at some point.
On operations is bit of a different story u will have 2 at some point but its not scarey at all n dnt let the pilots no its ur first time flying.
As for being away from home u soon get used 2 it I had never been abroad untill I joined n now I've been more interestin n diferent places than ne of my civvie m8s its 100% percent
Worth it good mood good opportunities and if u enjopy it a mint career however don't expect 2 be under the disc all the time in the air corps.
Hope ne of this kn help ya make ur choice n any questions u wna no fire away.