Army Air Corps Badge Backing.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by benjiboy, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. I know this might sound stupid. Where can I get the blue patch from that goes behind the cap badge?

    I just bought a better beret than the ones I got issued, only this is it didn't come with the patch sown on. I would take it off the issue on but I like to have a spare beret lying around.

    Any help, I would be most grateful.

  2. Speak to the Man at Q n M or the taylors, they will give you one I am sure. If you ask nicely they may even sew it on for you.
  3. If it didn't have the backing I would question whether it is in fact better. Do you mean cheaper?
  4. When I say better, its a small crown company beret which fits better than the issue one I got.
  5. I'm TA 6 Reg(v) AAC 677SQ, so our Q had all the berets with the patch sewn on, and also we are not offically AAC Monday so we don't spares like that.
  6. You're going to pay more attention to speaking a language that the rest of the AAC can respond to. I can't understand a bloody word you're saying!
  7. I have noticed this of most of the private purchased berets - AAC & QARANC for example. De Bora, John Bull & Small Crown do not supply with badge backing, even when every beret sold needs one! Perhaps if people voted with their wallets and told them "No Backing - No Purchase" They would get the message.....
  8. I'm in the newly formed 6 Regiment(v) AAC 677 Squadron. Our QM had all the berets with the patch sewn on and also we are not offically AAC till Monday so we don't spares like that. We are changing over from Royal Artillery to AAC. Hope this helps.
  9. Use your initiative lad!!!

    When in a similar situation and confronted with the dilemma of 'Whispering death' seeing me without a badge backing and sorting my act out I immediatly went to work.

    Behind the 664 hangar I trapped and snared a young fallow, skinned it and used the thin, workable fur behind the ear and fashioned it into a square. I dyed it with 'quink' and fastened it to an air testing Gazelle to dry.

    Having no string I used some cat gut ( the methods used to snare would get me arrested so will remain quiet) and a needle I always kept sellotaped in the sole of my boots for such emergencys and stitched it on.

    Once doen I went to RHQ to submit my fraudulent MMA claim...... on the way out I braced up and showed my respects to the big badge who looked me up and down and jailed me for dirty boots..... bless him.

    Moral of the story: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't climb a ladder with a toastie in each hand.
  10. Don't the AAC Berets come form the supplier complete with patch?
  11. Still having trouble with this bit. Is it just me??

  12. Monday is our offical transfer date to the AAC.
  13. I'll narrow it down a bit more. We don't spares like that?? I'm not being funny, I just can't understand what you're saying.
  14. Sorry, it's been a long day.

    Till we hand back all or stock from stores to 106 Reg RA, we won't be able to get supplies from 6 Reg AAC.
  15. Roger.