Army Air Corps.. Any here from AAC?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Be-jamin91, May 24, 2013.

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  1. I'm interested in joining the AAC and being a ground crewman to start with, hopefully progressing later on in life to become a pilot.

    Was just wondering if anyone here is serving currently in the AAC and if they could just tell me what its like?

    Hows day to day life?
    Do you travel much?
    Whats the training like for AAC?
  2. I have some experience of the Army Air Corps and could probably answer most of your questions but have you looked on the Army website? Visited a Recruiting Office? Visited the website (although I suspect you will get much the same kind of answer)?
  3. Just had a look at your previous posts and my impression is you are just messing around. If you are serious then go and do what I suggested in my previous post. As for my experience? Former AAC RSM. So I could tell you what your day to day life would be like had you been in my Regiment:pissed:
  4. Theres no messing around mate, i'm just weighing out my options. I dont want to commit myself to something if im not 100% sure, im going through various roles & just gathering information, writing them down and picking for example. My top 3 jobs. Then i can go from there!
    I'm only after advice/opinoins and a bit of information on various role.. Its a life chamging decision and i want to make the right one first time if i can. Surely you can understand that?
  5. As I previously stated, do your research! Army Aviation website. There are currently serving members on it. 'Chann' instructs Apache mission systems so he would be a good source of info. Day to day life is ever-changing. Travel options are limited these days as with all the Armed Forces (excepting RN probably). Training is basic recruit training followed by trade training (Leconfield/Middle Wallop) e.g. Driver/Groundcrewman/Signaller. Not easy, and I should know because I originally drafted the Apache Groundcrew training! The Corps can be very selective about who they take. In fact the Army are very selective all-round. Turning an Apache helicopter around on operations isn't for the dull-witted. Don't underestimate the Corps. They are bloody good Soldiers, sportsmen/women and Astronauts.....oh yes, and Royal Princes, and can hold their own against any other service members. When I joined my first unit, shortly after the Boer War, the Squadron was made up of Para Regt, Household Cav, ex-Regiment, RN, Booties etc. in fact allsorts. So I was very lucky to serve with and learn from some outstanding people. Get yourself fit, be prepared to give 100% at all times, steer clear of ******* (I'm afraid they will always exist). Becoming Apache aircrew is at the same level of an RAF fast-jet pilot so be under no illusions about that. Only the best are chosen BUT the Corps will encourage you if you show potential. Good luck. My final word of advice is drop the 'mate' habit as soon as you walk through the Recruiting Office door. It WILL annoy the staff and it has already annoyed me, laddie! Oh, and get your ******* haircut!!:-D
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  6. Hi, Bill. Hope you're keeping well.
  7. Thanks for the information, its much appreciated.
    I am doing my research, i've noted so much down and keep flicking back through the pages to see if i can come to a final decision, but as of yet, its not happened.

    Sounds like you had a great experience serving the forces.

    In respect of the getting fit.. Im training pretty well, i ran a mile and a half thursday and cracked it in 9.52. So i was happy with that.
    I always give 110% into everything i do, so putting effort and dedication to training and my job role when i finally decide wont be a problem.
    Apologies for the 'mate' thing.. Ha
    As for the hair cut, if i cut it any more i'll be ******* bold.. Its definitely short enough!
    Always has been, my dad was full service Royal Marine so he always shaved our heads if it got too long!!
  8. Don't worry about the 'mate' thing; jaspersdad is from a generation or two before yours, when such familiarity was frowned-upon. I'm sure you'll be able to keep your vernacular going until you learn when it is inappropriate. Best of luck with wherever your career takes you.
  9. Haha I did catch on with that one, but i thought I'd give the guy respect where its due being in the forces and most likely im thinking and officer.
    Thanks though, appreciated.

    Are you currently serving?
  10. That jaspersdad had a distinguished career is beyond doubt. From one of the very first direct-entry Airtroopers to LE Commission is good going by anyone's standards. I served under and alongside him on a number of occasions, and so did a number of fellow-Arrsers.

    In answer to your question; no, I'm no longer 'in', but I had a (mostly) enjoyable time in the AAC.
  11. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Best move I ever made, you will never have as much fun with you clothes on again!
  12. I would not recommend it at all. The corps was an exciting place to work. The modern day corps, not so much. Most people here look back on their time with fond memories or judge the corps from their current rank and position. I'd look into your other choices, and you can always apply for training from elsewhere within the Army. Any more info, drop me a message.
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  13. Can I suggest, Mr B Wilson, that your username may well not be the most well thought out one, especially if you want to be calling senior officers mate, even if they are retired. Just a thought!
  14. Well im not being rude, but i haven't got xray ******* vision to see through his computer and check if he's an officer or not!
    This is a forum, i know when to call someone 'mate' or 'officer' and as no one is yet my officer, i dont need to use the term!
    I've got plenty of respect for all serving & retired soldiers/officers .. I didn't realise i had to be so formal on a bloody forum haha
    A lot of people use the expression 'mate' on here.. If you don't like it, don't look!