Army aims to coax back former troops


By Will Dunham
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Army, fresh off missing its latest annual recruiting goal, has launched an unprecedented effort to coax former troops to sign up again for active-duty military service, officials said on Tuesday.

The Army this month began contacting 78,000 people who previously served in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps to pitch them on the idea of leaving behind their civilian lives and returning for another stint in uniform, said Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon.

Unlike in the past, they now can return to the Army without giving up their previous rank or undergo the rigors of basic training, said Hilferty, who described it as the first program of its kind for the Army.

The Army fell about 7,000 short of its goal of sending 80,000 recruits into basic training in fiscal 2005, which ended September 30. Officials attributed the shortfall to the Iraq war and other factors. The fiscal 2006 recruiting goal again is set at 80,000.

Hilferty said the new program, which targets people who left the military within the past five years and particularly those who were in branches other than the Army, is not a sign of recruiting desperation.

"I think it's just common sense," Hilferty said. "These are people with a propensity for service who previously served honorably and who are trained. If they want to serve, why shouldn't we offer them that opportunity? And why should we put up barriers?"
How long before we do it here?
Intresting but so is this report - Winning the hearts and minds . I think not .

Since July, 1 in 3 platoon members has been killed or hurt. "All of my squad leaders and section leaders have been wounded," says the platoon leader, 2nd Lieut. Joe Walker, a South Carolinian who volunteered to fight after 9/11. "For a while, our unit was fighting at less than 70%, and we're still below 60% on our vehicles--so many Bradleys have been blown up."

The soldiers of Blue Platoon don't need to be told that. On Aug. 23, with four insurgent video cameras rolling, al-Zarqawi's group sent a truck bomb under cover of small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades straight into their observation post. The explosion knocked the entire platoon--more than 30 troops-- unconscious. They recovered and fought back, only to be hit by the mini-Tet three months later. Until the U.S. begins a withdrawal, it's up to soldiers like those of Blue Platoon to man the bunkers. "After the truck bombing," says Gronski, "every one of them, to a man, said, 'We are not pulling out of here.'"
So when will the pull out commence George ?,9171,1134774,00.html
I wonder how many ex Brit troops would sign up if they where in the position to do so ?
HM Gov lost me first with the Balkens and then while I could understand GW 1 the next lot of overseas adventures where way over the top.
The Old NATO army of my day has been cut and chopped and now according to reports on this board, the Army does not even have enough small arms ammo for the troops in the front line.
Rarely has TOM been asked to risk his neck for such an ungratful government.
As for our cousins from across the water Georgei Boy must have the non regular troops home by middle of next year. The forthcomming elections for the Hill and the important one the next presidential means the GOP cannot afford a part time President who more and more is being seen, not to be in control of his senior minions.

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