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Hi you lot. I have been lurking on this site which a bloke down at the pub told me about. I have no army experience or connections though a cousin was away for 6 years. The family never talked about it and i think he may have been in the army or one of the other services but doing something secret as I was told to be quiet when I asked where he was. When he came back he never talked about it but he was different.

Anyway thats not the point of the post. The point is I am bored with my job and am thinking after reading all the various threads that I may enjoy the army as you all seem to have a good laugh and I have a great sense of humour. Only last week a hid a colleagues stapler behind the water cooler and didn't let him have it back until lunch time! He was very cross but I thought it was very funny.

I have looked at other forums but the NAAFI seems to have the most fun. So what regiment do you think I should join as I dont want to continue being an accountant and would like some adventure. My girlfriend Penny is not too keen on me joining so could I choose where I worked in the army so I am not too far away from home? I live in Birdlip by the way.

One other question, no two actually, when you join the army do they teach you all the different words you guys have for things and why is this thread called the NAAFI? I googled NAAFI and it seems to be a club for soldiers. If I didn't join the army could I join a NAAFI so I could have a good laugh without any of the danger of going to Afghanistan?

Thanks in advance,

llech you are from Wales aren't you. Are the welsh regiments any good? I ask as Tony down at the pub said the welsh regiments are only there to shorten the dole queues in Wales and are never deployed cos they are no good. He should know as he did special duties and has got a zippo lighter to prove it though he does try to hide it to those who dont know him.

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