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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Brew_Time, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Just watched a Army advert on TV.

    Situation, a female is with a child giving aid (foreigner) a vehicle pulls up and another female gets our cradleing a child needing more aid (another foreigner). The advert carries on and then says - what would you do when a gunshot rings out. Does that mean that the child was wasted.

    Just don't think the advert was put together too well. Whats your opinion ????

    BT. :?
  2. I thought the adverts demonstrated how you will be trained to deal calmly and confidently with a variety of situations and that you may be called upon to be a humanitarian peace-keeper and soldier in the same breath.

    It also showcased the six-pinter type women that today's modern fighting force has to offer and are the bread and butter of the young Tom on the go.
  3. That Female medic in the advert was a feckin nightmare to work with doing those adverts! Thick as mince and so far up her own arse. MUPPET
  4. What about the "Cleaning , Cooking and doing the dishes " adverts 15 or so years ago.

    Some bint cleaning her gat, another cooking a rat pack by a tree ( picture taken in summer so the photo guru covered the tree and surrounding grass with "salt" to make it look like winter . (= Dead tree in 3 months)

    Best and final was the Bint standing by the Sat dish. Sent out to Namibia and looked after like she was made of ice.

    Wonder how many females joined up after that Satchi and Satchi (1,000,000 quid) blitz?
  5. Do any of you remember the add; A lad like you on 40 quid aweek??
  6. AAC: we're looking for the right women to handle our choppers.............
  7. No but I remember Frank and his wind surfing
  8. Is that the one that Billy Connoly rips the shit out of ?

    "my name's bob and Im a born leader".
  9. " Bob" was our SSM and a feckin terror-love to see the ad!!
  10. havent seen it but the big yin rips it good style.i beieve it was on the "Get right in'tae him" recording on decca (if that still exists)
  11. "Yer can buy loads n loads of smarties for £40"
  12. My names's bob an im a born leadah, i make forty pand a week an i keep the lot cos im a selfish Bstd right, there's my mate 'arry over there. theres Harry he's a right half wit. In the farm goin"tuk tuk tuk" the farmer lookin at him and sayin "whit" the big boomin voice comes on "will you sleep safe in your bed tonight" answer "with this lot on the go FCUKIN RIGHT I WILL"
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Gather the Navy have signed up Faye 'two pies' Turney to star in their next recruiting ads...
  14. In a Mackem accent..........

    Hohne ranges, my "mate" grassed me up to some visiting General as not a bad gunner for a geordie. "Bob" in tow....

    Cue wire wool , brasso you get the picture :(
  15. I would only watch this if she got her paps out or her rat otherwise like a the bint is like a broken pencil - pointless.