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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Flying Felix, Oct 24, 2004.

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  1. New Army advert has a couple of AT's checking a HVM missile with a multimeter!!! :roll:
    It's taking poetic licence bit too far.
    Lets get back to reality, show AT's eating pies, stabbing each other in the back and blowing s**t up. :lol:
  2. 2 hours later - "Well shit on a stick, you're right lads, it is a missile!"
  3. Spank wrote
    Only if they have their Ladybird book of missle spotting. Otherwise they will put it down as a 2 inch mortar bomb. :lol:
  4. I thought 1 Kg Incendiaries were the only things mistaken for 2 inch Mortar Bombs! 8O
  5. 11 EOD Regt SOP No 1.

    Actions to be carried out for the disposal of an unidentified ammunition item:

    1. Use enough PE so that none of the remains can be identified.
    2. Add more PE.
    3. scatter and bury all frag.
    4. Fill out CMD report as 2" HE Mortar bomb.
    5. Return for tea and medals.
    6. Deny all knowledge of carrying out a task in that area. :lol:
  6. Doesn't it show them wearing their oh-so-funny 'If you see me running' t-shirts, which seem to be the only tour t-shirt design they thought was funny.
    Why no one thought of 'I'm an out of shape self important ******** with a Napoleon complex' is beyond me.
  7. Speedy wrote:
    I believe that the RCT had it copyrighted years ago.
  8. Er, wasn't that a spam in that t-shirt. I think if any of ours wore such a bone garment he would be laughed out of the trade.
  9. I saw some civvy low-loaders (with Warriors on) on the motorway the other day. I swear I could see the driver steering with his belly whilst stuffing pie into his face. ...I reckon he goes into cafes and bores the truckies with how different he is and how special his mum told him he is - cos he was selected at birth to drive bigger lorries.

    P.S. - Not seen the cr@p t-shirt. But it sounds particularly chad.
  10. Non Grad,

    There is a picture doing the rounds of some fat septic with a T-shirt emblazoned with the words:

    "I am a Bomb technician.
    If you see me running try to keep up."

    Except that the porking spam has had such an olympian pie-fest that he couldn't even run if he really, really needed to.

    As an aside, we have obtained a a T-shirt from a Royal Engineers field squadron (not the EOD types). On the back it has that huge RE EOD bomb badge in a red circle with a red line through it. The caption is "Yeah, whatever". We liked that one!
  11. An entire Lynx Flight from an AAC Sqn that shall remain nameless had T Shirts made with the words 'Lynx Pilot' on the front in large letters and the words 'Go on girl - treat yourself!' on the back.

    Amusing though this was, taking into account the average Lynx jockey's physique the only treat you'd be likely to get would be like being buried under a bouncy castle!
  12. RTFQ


    How about: I'm an AT - if you see me running call a medic?

    When was the last time any AT did a BPFA? Just get the units you support to write you up for all the ITDs - much easier. And before Alphapants get all excited - yes we know you're great and can probably run and shoot and load a P/S all at once...
  13. A unit that that wished to remain anonymous and that had its own 'special' compound, had some t-shirts made when on a tour of Kosovo. Imagine their surprise when the t-shirt manufacturer used their 'special' logo in its advertising bumpf.

    Imagine everybody thinking 'who the f**k are that lot, and what did they do?' Oops. If you don't want to draw attention to yourselves.....
  14. do the AT trade do any PT? seems they are the trade who eat all the pies....please tell me if i am wrong but there are some big units who sweat at putting their boots on