Army Advert Chick

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Detonator, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. The army advert, text now blah blah...

    All the phots of different people, bottom left is a proper tasty blonde piece. We must find her.
  2. Attach picture?
  3. She appears here

    Watch the piccies, she's blonde and wearing a black jumper thats up round her neck (i dont know what thats called, as I am a man).

    She cant be a soldier, she's hot!
  4. Dear Man,

    Do you mean a Polo jumper?

  5. Fcuk knows. Possibly. Hot though eh?
  6. She's not that crash hot. I prefer the monkey :x
  7. Possibly Val Doonican's love child? :roll:

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  8. Couldn't possibly tell....... wrong sex for Wishful :roll:
  9. What you need my dear is a gentleman to educate you in the finer things in life, such as Art, poetry, music and rumpy pumpy.

  10. shes ex Royal Irish, was in an advert campaign about 8 years ago..........she doesnt look like that now :D im afraid
  11. :) No thanks my dear :wink:
  12. Lesbian!

  13. don't let Cait hear you calling it rumpy-pumpy,she'll garotte you with your own intestines and call you a hermer!!
  14. I'll go for the monkey and the medic.

  15. She is a L/Cpl TA Musician in the PWRR. 22 years old. Goes by the name of Emma.