Army Ads Brings Everest Attempt into Living Rooms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TankiesYank, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. I know the Everest climb was written up in Soldier magazine and on the Army's a supplementary article from Campaign, the British advertising magazine, that gives a little more detail about how this feat will be used in the Army's latest recruitment campaign.

    The website referred to in the article is

    The ads are getting good reviews within the industry, but that means exactly fcuk-all in terms of effects and results. I saw this ad last night during the Wigan-Fulham game, though, and liked the initial ad.

    Did you see it? Do you think it might have an effect on recruitment?
  2. Brought it into my living room and you should see the mess it made of the carpet. Crampon marks all over the furniture and somebody went behind the sofa and had a dump.

    Brilliant PR, I would say more but somebody has to hoover up afterwards.
  3. Welcome back TY! Haven't seen a posting from you in ages.

    The efforts of the teams so far are a fantastic advert for the British army. Well done to them all especially the juniors, who must be really hacked off at being beaten by the conditions.
  4. What recruit is going to join up to climb Everest.These youngsters can't get out of their beds in the morning never mind go mountain climbing.
  5. The army is going to get severely overstretched and Everest severely overcrowded.

    Sorry the army is already severely overstretched.