Army accused of sex discrimination in DET......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Ex Scaley I see....
  2. Male members of the unit made up salacious stories about female personnel and referred to the women’s accommodation as “Tampax Towers”.

    F.uckin 'ell, send the lot of them to colly! Is this really news worthy?
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This should be in the NAAFI for more erudite comment...
  4. Agreed - To the Naafi Bar with the whinging wench!!!
  5. With a headline like "Woman soldier was used for target practice" I was ready to read of some very dodgy range proceedures, only to find that there was nothing more than a picture put on a target and used to make a range day a little less boring.

    For her to say that she found that a direct threat to her life proves only that she wasn't mentally stable enough for the job and that that in itself could have been the reason that she was passed over for some postings. A pathetic story out of nothing and once again a case of someone who, having found that she couldn't hack the pace, deciding to accuse the system of discrimination.

    Pathetic. But that is of course only my opinion based on the article, not a policy statement.
  6. I know her, she is/was (not sure if it's still ongoing) also trying to get a Yeoman from the other unit she served with in Northern Ireland done for telling several juniors to "stop whinging like f*cking girls", which he later apologised to the two girls present for when he realised it could be taken the wrong way.

    She always was gobby, and she always claimed she'd been discriminated against at her previous unit to.

    editted to make a sentence make sense
  7. So there seems to be a pattern of her 'crying' discrimination which I'm sure any tribunal worth is's salt will choose to ignore so that justice is seen to be done rather than have anything to do with real justice.

    Appart from showing a history, it also points to why she wouldn't be, let us say, high on the popularity ladder and as such treated as any other 'drama queen' male or female would.
  8. Another Doris who wasn't cutting it and blames it on the fact that she has tits. SOPs now when they can't get their own way.

    How did she get near JCUNI?

    When she goes, she'll no doubt sell an exclusive to the Daily Mail about:

    'How she proved that wimmin can operate on the Front Line........Covertly'.

    Tampax Towers? How cruel? Those SF types.......they are so uncouth!
  9. I'm fed up with this sex discrimination bit... my firm takes it that seriously, we even have a documented policy on how it must be done! FFS! (or have I read the policy wrong????)
  10. I assume not an operator but a scaley in support. Abuse probably from the scaley det. Dragging 14 into this is probably irrelevent to the issues at hand but allows the press to make up more bollocks about SF.


  11. She's clearly a mong, with no sense of humour.

    Direct threat to life? Do me a favour. Hint to stop pissing people off perhaps. If she was actually any good at her job, I'm sure people wouldn't have given her such a hard time. Getting top marks in tests proves nothing more than that you have a good memory. Inter-personal skills are just as important as brains when it comes to doing the job, and from the way she got ribbed I would guess she is lacking in this department. If anything is likely to be career limiting, pissing off your work-mates is a guaranteed show stopper. All she is doing by whinging now is proving that she was a waste of space.

    The army is an equal opportunities employer. Everybody gets the piss ripped out of them, whether they are black, white, yellow, male, female, straight or gay. Nobody cares so long as you can do your job and not piss people off. Good riddance.
  12. What was that saying again?

    Oh yes,


    I am getting a dim recollection of the said bird and if its who I am thinking of she was a fcuking mong anyone else remember her?

    There are good soldiers in the signals too. Honest.
  13. See my post on page one :wink:
  14. Short Fuse hit the nail on the Head, a Scaley ATTACHED Rank. I couldn't understsand how anyone who had passed selection for 14 Int could wimp out over typical male comments.
    Mind you the "her Managers" remark says much about the state of Blurs New Model Army.
    They where NCO's in my time.
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