Army : A very British institution (TV)

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by buttonsin3s, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. Stumbled across this, some may find in of interest;

    Army: A very British institution

    The BBC has made available online a series of historical programmes about the British Army under the broad heading of ‘Army: A Very British Institution’. Introduced by Newsnight’s diplomatic correspondent and ex-regular officer, Mark Urban, the collection features classic documentaries and historic events dating back to the 1950s.

    The selection of programmes includes the following:

    • Death or Glory – first transmitted in 1968, this documentary shows life in BAOR as seen through the eyes of the 17th/21st Lancers.

    • In the Highest Tradition – 6 episodes focussing on the history and traditions of the British Army – including the Gurkhas, Royal Scots Greys, GREN GDS and Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    • The Paras: Basic Wales – infantry theory and practice in the Welsh hills (1983)

    • The Paras: P Company – gruelling 3-day test (1983)

    • The Regiment – 3 months with 1st Battalion The Royal Green Jackets (1977)

    • The Bomb Disposal Men – training ATOs in 1974

    The collection can be viewed here: BBC Four - Collections - Army: A Very British Institution
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  2. Thanks for the reminder, I especially enjoyed the "Ticking with the Crow" which showed good old fashioned shouting at SuS's in the guardroom.
  3. Ah... "Ticking With the Crow", proof that some things about soldiering never change.

    Thankfully, though, some definitely do - the doc following a BAOR Cav Regiment c. 1989 had me squirming with dislike at the officers' chinless posturing.

    The 17/21st Lancers programme, however, shows the real thing...

    Its 1968 - Youth culture and the whiff of revolution is sweeping across the US and Europe.

    Meanwhile, in Germany, long haired officers wear SD caps and no ear defs while sharing a turret with a 105mm gun, and obviously hope they might be allowed to bring their wagons home to put a few rounds of canister into crowds of flare-clad students before setting about some dollybirds on the Kings Road.
  4. The BAOR Cav Regt episode was also 17/21st. My Bn supplied the Infantry component during the battle run and a mighty boring affair it was too; constantly going over the ground for 'just another take'! As if they really needed troops in the back for every single bloody take!

    At that time we had a new OC; one of the few crashing 'duds' I ever encountered in the Bn - his outstanding contribution to the day came after the last run, sent to the 2i/c, en clair,
    "Oh, Cwis, I feel just like Wommel!" followed by, "I think I'll have a sausage sarni..."
    ...And the inevitable response,
    "An' I 'ope it fuckin' chokes you!"

    A thoroughly good day was had by all...
  5. I remember watching a dramatic series (not sure if BBC or ITV) probably early '70s called "Death or Glory Boys", seem to recall it focused on a group of potential officer candidates, and seemed to take place in a Nissen hut or some such locale in Catterick or surrounding area? Found it rather tedious as a 12 year old, but would be interested in viewing it again with an older eye.