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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by blonde_guy, May 7, 2006.

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  1. Bit of a boring game, but....

    does anyone know why Scooby Doo was escorted from the stadium?
  2. The Mystery Machine was parked on double-yellows?
  3. Spiderman looked like he was going to kick off as well :?
  4. as did the joker who bumped into every man jack, and the cnut had ginger hair.............
  5. I can't decide which was the biggest highlight of the game, Scooby Doo getting escorted out, or laughing at the Security Guards holding up their orange plastic "barrier" that they thought would stop a few thousand squaddies getting onto the pitch if they wanted to....
  6. Was there a game of rugby yesterday then? Can't remember that. Didn't see one single other piece of Arrse regalia on display.
  7. Those 'interesting' occurances must have taken place in the 2nd half then. First half was far too much entertainment for me I had to get up and leave at half time I was just too excited.
  8. I saw Fred Flintstone getting nicked by 2 monkeys and a civvy copper - not many people can say that!!!
  9. Gilly and I had our ARRSE T-shirts on :D
  10. I'd also like to give a big thank you to everyone in the Twickenham Tup, who thought it would be really nice to throw their beer over me, resulting in me being refused a cab back to Beebs (3 times) because I apparently smelt of alcohol. No shite, I am wearing at least 3 pints of beer (yeah Bully and Smooj - very funny).

    It obviously had nothing to do with tequila. My Snail t-shirt is getting framed and never washed again. Mind you, I don't think the washing machine is industrial, so it wouldn't shift the beer stains anyway.
  11. I had to leave the stadium in search of beer to get to my personal game attempted molestation by a five-foot gwar dressed as the Riddler.
  12. The tent was horrible in places, it was just like people decided to make huge puddles by emptying their ridiculously overpriced pints into the existing puddles. My trainers quickly went from white to brown.
  13. That was wee.
  14. Sorry about that... :oops:
  15. Shut it, it was the chunky bits of carrot you found on your shoes this morning we should be worried about. :wink: