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I'm currently in year 11 and I'm planning to apply for the 6th form scholarship in year 12. I am an academic person and I do play rugby and actively take part in school, but I've never done anything 'exceptional 'in terms of extra-curricular activities (i.e, I've not trekked across Iceland, not the captain of the first XV, I won't be doing CCF until the start of year 12, etc etc.). Is it still worth a punt?

The way I see it is that the whole 6th form scholarship application process is still really just 'character building' and an important experience in and of itself even if I'm not offered the scholarship, but I'm not sure if I'll be hopelessly out of my depth come main board for not having done these amazing things, whether I'll be binned right off the bat on the basis of lack of leadership/extra-curricular experience, or whether I stand a chance if I put in a strong effort in other areas. Which is where I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some advice.

Thank you! :)


The 6th Form Scholarship is a big punt on the part of the Army, because we're looking at a 15/16 year old and deciding that they are a realistic prospect as an army officer maybe 6 or 7 years down the line.


You need to be pretty good. A solid academic record and a high IQ. And you need to do well at Westbury in the testing that's done there. You don't need to have rowed the Atlantic in a cardboard box.

You need to be fit and have something of a track record in sport.

You need to have the kind of personality that will make you an 'ambassador' at your school and university for the military.

In return for this, the army will give you a shitload of money at school and university, and - potentially at least - a job for life. If you think that's you, give it a go: you have nothing to lose.
Of course, if you're an Army Scholar you will have to keep it a secret for your entire career because everyone thinks it's just a way of avoiding the 'proper' selection process.

Bit like being a Welbexian.

Edited to add:

Do it - if it gets you in then fine. Don't do what I did - fail to get a Scholarship then start an endless cycle of O Types and Rowallan Company where you eventually get to the commissioning course looking like a Belsen inmate with enough PTSD for a hundred men.

Still, didn't do me any harm8O

Just don't go to Welbeck.
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