Army 6th form scholarship.

Hello, I am aware that there are a range of posts regarding the scholarship on this site. However, there isn't alot of detail on some of them so I wanted to post one directly to my enquires. Basically I have my first interview next week and I wanted to know exactly what came up from those whom have recently done theirs. What current affairs questions? What political questions? Were there maths questions? (Along those line)
I also wanted to know how many are taken onto the boards?, I know 100 are accepted but I am unaware of how many go onto the boards

Many thanks all,

Regards, Ben.


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Current Affairs will change on a daily basis, the clue is in the name. So will politics.

Just read a balanced range of broadsheets and try to form your own views on what is going on in the world.


At the first interview the main subject will be you: who you are, what you do, what you have achieved, what your ambitions are, etc etc. The interviewer may ask for your opinions on current affairs issues or to do a quick speed/distance/time calculation but it won't be central to the interview.
Ok, I see. Am rather worried about the maths side, my maths skills aren't bad, however they aren't perfect. What maths questions were you asked? Thanks.

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