Army 6th form scholarship- Formal Interview.

Hello all! Ok, basically I have completed two interviews with the ACA regarding my application/interest in the Army 6th Form Scholarship program. My first two went pretty smoothly, only a few hiccups along the way due to slight nerves, but all in all they went well. I have been told that my next interview will be my formal one, the big one. For anyone that has done the FORMAL one, what questions were you asked and how did it go? remember I am basing this on the formal interview only.

I apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but it seemed the most suitable. There isn't much information on the scholarship on the net, so I hope this thread will help anyone having similar queries.

Many thanks!
Amazing! Many thanks, Roadster! I believe mine will be with a major (probably around the same age as your one) Quick question, I am rather strong in most subjects- History, English, Geography all A*-A, however my maths isn't brilliant, although I am getting C's/B's it is not my best subject, were you asked any math questions during the formal interview? I know some people were asked Speed/Distance/Time and multiplications on the informal interviews, however I was not, I think mine was adding up my predicted grades and puttign them into ALIS points.

Thanks, again!
Had mine around 6 months ago so I doubt it will have changed much at all from what I experienced. It was with my ACA, which was good as we'd already had various meetings and interviews before this. Make sure to turn up in a suit, looking smart. Read a decent broadsheet paper for a few weeks before so you're clued up on current affairs. The format of mine was talking about me for a little bit, interests, hobbies, sports etc.. and for this just be yourself, I think they end up with a copy of it at AOSB and will be asking you about it all again. Then there was some mental maths questions, nothing major really, i think about 3 or 4, with speed distance time and other basic maths in there. Then my ACA basically told me to tell him about 2 things that were happening in the world, one foreign, and one domestic. So i talked about Iran's nuclear "power" program and the coalition government, and we just had a chat about those topics then, but im not too sure if other ACA's will choose topics for you in other cases. I also had some hard questions thrown at me out of the blue. I remember "Whats the difference between a leader and a manager?", and i reckon you'll get the standard "why do you want to join the army?", "why do you want the scholarship?" and "what can you offer the army?" That was it as I remember, job jobbed, took about 40 minutes in all. Then a few months after the scrutiny board, which if you pass the interview, you'll almost definitely pass. And then comes the scholarship board.

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