Army 5 battalions short before new deployment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hackle, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Another spin on this story

  2. I just find this whole issue completely frustrating and off-p1ssing in equal amounts.

    The Army in particular seem to have a view that a quick knee jerk advertising campaign will have 'em storming the gates of the AFCOs, (or whatever they're called these days), battalions fill back up and then we continue normal jogging. It does work to an extent, but the utter frustration is borne out of the continued ham stringing of any real investment in recruiting by bean counters, myopic politicians and ignorant consultants on a huge wodge of dosh from the feckless recruiting organisation. YOU CANNOT SIMPLY TURN THE TAPS ON AND OFF. How many times have we been down this particular road and promised ourselves we wouldn't be caught out the next time?

    Real and sustained recruitment, particularly to the Infantry, is borne out of a long term investment plan in all aspects of the marketing mix, which over rides the odd bit of turbulence (bad press usually) and is not seem to be a fly by night quick fix. If we are to recruit / nuture / encourage the dwindling target market effectively, it will require money, sensible thinking and a determination not to be swerved from the path.
  3. Surely any lack in manpower is a crisis if it makes the job any harder????
  4. The fault lies with the MOD bean counters. A few years ago there were some very successful recruiting campaigns and the Army was overstrength. Recruiting was reigned in and not started properly again until now. The bean counters have got to realise that recruiting is not like a tap that can be turned on and off instantly but something that requires constant attention.
  5. ...also look at the time it takes to get a recruit from "Hi, my names Frank and I want to join the Army" to "Good Morning Sir, I'm Pte Bloggs and I have just been posted in to your unit from training". I'm not expert on the recruiting process, but i would guess that it is up to a year for some trades. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. (as if you need encouraging!) :wink:
  6. Surely retention should be taken into account as well, even if recruitment gets up to its correct speed, if the army haemorrhages to many men and women (due to the current state of affairs) it would be stuck on a downward slope. Potentially losing a middle generation of soldiers (4-5 year point seems to be a peak in signing off at the moment).
  7. Ads for recruitment are better, but they need to sell better points of the Army. There should be more benefits to joining the army, cash incentives, more pay, better equipment!!! etc.
  8. Agree to a point - but this is all about the Infantry for the moment. They have traditionally 'managed' a high turnover (up to 30%) by stacking them in at the bottom. I admit that there are circumstances where the system cannot cope and no amount of recruitment / retention will help - and the current trend for the Paras to outsource their skills is but one example. However it's all about recruitment, recruitment, recruitment for the PBI.
  9. They had full recruiting when JL was at its hight?? maybe try again
  10. That's something I noticed working as a reservist with a regular unit... everyone is so keen to sh*g the blokes, it just seemed as if there were no perks to the job anymore, with everyone (headshed mostley) being so career and PC orientated that no-one could stop to chill out and think that they were cacking in the poor enlisted non ranking soldiers.

    Actually ended up thinking that an officers mess do where copious amounts of alcohol were served took the mickey a bit when the blokes could have 2 cans a week if they were lucky. All adds up to the retention problem. Great recruiting is no good if as soon as a new bod gets to his/her unit they start to think about signing off because they don't have a life! Something needs to change.
  11. Good point, had experience of that sort of thing myself, and it doesn't impress.

    There are a number of good incentives out there. It's just no one tells the civvies, read pot soldier. I told a guy about the ELC and he was gobsmacked, this is the sort of thing we need to get out there.

    Sod the gap year, how about 3-5 with the Army, as a viable alternative. Seeing the world ,which is something else the Army needs to push or at least the chance to go between tours. With £3000 on the hip and anything else you've saved for uni/college/whatever.
  12. Here's a thought....


    There, all your social problems sorted with a quick dose of short, sharp, shock treatment.
  13. And this comes as a surprise???? unfortunatly I dont think so, well done Blair, Brown, Hoon (remember that tw*t!) - C*nts!

    Its not as though they werent warned!!!
  14. but....why hasn't anybody replied to my national service suggestion?

    Think about it, the "bad age" for fackheads are 16-20. Force everybody to either enter service from the ages of 16 to 20 or to enter full time higher education (college, university). Let's face it most chavs are 16-20, out of school, no job, not doing anything.

    people who are 16-20 and in full time education often aren't annoying little gobshites (a.k.a. chavs).
  15. I reckon the national service suggestion is a good one except that in todays health and safety pc gone mad society it would be impossible to run a decent training scheme as every five minutes you'd have someones mum turn up at the gate with a lawyer shouting about bullying and harrasment.
    As well as the outcry about unfair treatment of the poor as just because they can't afford to go to university their sun/daughter has to go and fight while some rich b**tard gets to loaf about for three years studying surfing or some such rubbish.