Army 45 Navy 13

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Raddish, May 7, 2005.

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  1. What do we think about the game?

    Well done both Parky and JB for the caps.

    Parkys try what do we think?
  2. What's the problem? You having trouble forming your own opinions?
  3. Well done boys!

    Wish I was there but I had to work. Bugger. Maybe next year. The drink up afterwards in Twickenham is the stuff legends are made of!

  4. [quote="Plant-Pilot

    What's the problem? You having trouble forming your own opinions?[/quote]

    When you didnt go to the game and you want to hear about it you fcuk wit
  5. Second that, tried to listen via BFBS Radio 2 (via internet) but that wasn't working, just heard fragmented coverage BFBS Radio 1 (again on the net)
  6. What? You mean people actually go to watch the rugby? 8O

    This is the first year I've missed it since 1999; Likewise this is probably the first year I have the slightest hope of even finding out what the score was!! Usually spend most of the match consuming suspiciously strong "mineral water" :lol:

    Long live the Cabbage Patch :wink:

  7. I was very impressed with the quality of the streaker but disappointed by the fact there was only one. My wife thought he was a woman until she saw he had no t1ts. Must have been cold over there on the west stand.
  8. I was disappointed that the bars didn't open for half time.

    Perhaps the worst thing I saw was somelass in fron tof me being turned away from the turnstyles because she had a can of 7up I mean come on how deadly can that be.

    However that said it was a good game and a deserved win. Well done lads
  9. It was good to see that the loudest cheer of the match was for the streaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a shame that he will now get a life time ban!!!!!

    Could have made it an annual event! (most unusual streaker award!!!)
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    Navy never win. Don't know why they play lol.

    The 3 matches I went too we were drunk as donkeys before it started!

    Good on the Army but is it really a match when they know they will win?

  11. Quite right's preceisely that kind of behaviour that makes me wonder exactly what the youth of today are up to...she may have been spiking it from a hip flask, she may have had a monster hangover after pleasuring the King's Tp on a round-robin basis the night before BUT I doubt it...these are the kind of people they want to let into Twickenham and the Army? Then why be surprised when you next see a CFT go by in ballet pumps with an ice-cream van following up for the rest periods!!

  12. Not true, have seen the Navy win once, although it was a few years ago now!

  13. Thought JB was very unlucky not to get longer, in my opinion he was good enough to take on the Navy props and wouldn't have let the side down. In fact for the 5 minutes he was on for he was all over the pitch (alright I suspect he wouldn't have kept that up for 80 minutes but he is still one of the best front row players I have played with.

    Thought Parky had a great game, wasn't given enough ball to attack properly but was awesome all over the park, in fact at one point he went from ruck to ruck to ruck winning the ball before the back row were anywhere to be seen. Alright his try came from the funniest moment of the game with two navy boys running into each other, but he was there to touch the ball down!!

    Well done to both of you hope your both there or there abouts next year along with some of our younger developing talent.
  14. top tip - get a box of wine and take out the 'bladder' bit. chuck it in your daysack and hopefully it being soft the idiots won't spot it. Gateway to oblivion! :wink:
  15. Well done lads did yourself and the corps proud. Glad to see the corps was well represented in the Church on sunday as well. Now is it just me or does anyone else need a weekend off to recover!!!!!!!!