Army 2020- Tranche 3 and tranche 4

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Roger That, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Just been announced - the numbers for the soldiers to be made redundant in Tranche 3 and 4.

    Approx 5300 in Tranche 3. Fields to be announced on Jan next year and the list shall be out on June.
    Approx 6000 in Tranche 4. The timeline has not been released....

    Point to be noted - operational exemptions may be heavily reduced for both the tranches...

    Let the waiting Game begin.... :)
  2. Link?
  3. Its come straight from the Big Man's Mouth i.e. CO. Sure there will be announcements made in other units as-well...
  4. If this is the case, will there still be a requirement for further tranches?
  5. By 2030 the army will be down to 3 Inf Battalions and a few REME bods but dont worry, the TA will pick up the slack.
  6. Some of you may still be holding the foolish view that 2020 refers to a date, whereas in reality it is the manpower target.
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  7. That many... bit optimistic no?
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  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    We probably dont need that many. After all, our Nation's security will be provided by two lovely aircraft carriers, and some very expensive shiny pointy aeroplanes that were not really designed to combat hords of Russian bombers coming at us over the North Sea. And don't forget the "untouchables": The RAF Regiment who will still be guarding said shiny aircraft whilst trying to pretend they're SF, the Household Division (note in the 2020 announcement small print - the Guards Public Duties Increment Companies survived, plus the HCMR in full), and zillions of Royal Marines (a 2* CGRM, + a huge Bde HQ stuffed full of Cols and Lt Cols, all just to put a single Cdo Gp ashore) etc.
  9. The problem is that the redundancies are biting now, and 2020 restructuring / disbandments won't take effect for a few years. We've not discovered how the establishment (BdeHQ etc etc will be slimmed down) in line with 2020. The result is more and more gapped posts - look at the latest appts Bds from APC, which are routinely gapping 50% of posts. Result is that those of us who survive will pick up the slack and the shit jobs, and we will soon see that have an effect on morale. Which will then men people leave and lo and behold we don't have enough people!
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  10. And people will look back and comment that "Isn't this what happened during [insert review/redundancy programme of your choice]?" and how we'll chuckle at history repeating itself. Again.

    Would you believe there is a whole department for 'Lessons learnt' (or is that identified and subsequently ignored?), unless that has been binned in the 2020 planning. Oh the irony.
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  11. Would you believe there is a whole department for 'Lessons learnt' (or is that identified and subsequently ignored?), unless that has been binned in the 2020 planning. Oh the irony.[/QUOTE]

    I think you'll find that the LL Dept has been constrained to the Lessons Identified point on the sliding scale towards implementation (i.e. we know there's something wrong/needs doing, but we haven't the wherewithal to do anything about so so we'll park it until the time comes to "look back in anger").
  12. Interesting bit of spin from 1970
  13. I think your are being slightly optimistic here. The way I here it is that the regular army will be present, but only in name.
    All trades will be completed by civvies. SF and those men or the air and cabbage, will be relaced by actors that have completed a performing arts degree, and spent at least 20 minutes infront of the mirror practicing thier 1000 yard stare, and making up / telling war stories to anyone that will listen down the local. The best of which will be printed at a later date.

    Ceremonial duties are to be carried out by dole mongs, after a being lobotomized. The up side to this isyou can leave them on stag indefinately. puddles of druel might cause a H&S issue though.

    All support trades will be carried out by civvies. Which is awesome as long as the weather is okay, no one shoots at them, they get to knock off at 4, and get weekends, bank holidays, religious holdays, and birthdays off, and someone to tell them how great they are, so as not to hurt thier feelings.

    G4S have been given the contract to provide military intelligence..........

    In the event of any future conflict escualting beyond Modern Warefare 3: team death match, there is plenty of armour in the tank museum, and HMS Belfast did okay in WW2, so it is thought that these will do fine.

    And if all that fails, **** it, conscript an army, it worked before.
  14. Looks like you won`t need to worry too much about a requirement for further tranches.

    Today`s Daily Mail is reporting that a single cull will get tranche 3 & 4 out of the way in one swathe during 2013, leaving just enough time for it all to be forgotton about long before the next election.

    MOD statement in response isn`t a clear denial, so, in light of that, the timing of this information leaking out now, makes it perfectly plausible & it sounds about right.
  15. I wish to know just how many clerks over the past year have had their arms torn out by people jumping ship when it is offered to them.