Army 2020 structure light dragoons, royal dragoon guards

Discussion in 'RAC' started by adam2012, Sep 5, 2012.

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    Does anybody know if there will be any changes to the light dragoons or the royal dragoon guards with the army 2020 structure?​
  2. Nothing is officially confirmed. However, there are going to be 3 armoured regiments based around Salisbury Plain all equipped with CR2. With 2 RTR and KRH already at Tidworth and on CR2 it's an open secret that KRH & RTR will be 2 of the three. That leaves RDG, QRH, and Scots DG all currently on CR2 and looking to be the third and last CR2 regiment. RDG have only a 1 in 3 chance of being that regiment. All appears to be silent on the LD rumour front, I suspect that as an excellent and well respected Armd Recce regiment only a fool would consider moving them from Armoured Cavalry (armd recce) to the new Light Cavalry role.
  3. A few Light Dragoons I spoke to said that Scimitar is being binned and they're getting Jackal instead.
  4. thanks for the reply aghart, nice to actually get a reply that is to do with the question on here do you know when anything will be announced?
  5. would this be the whole regiment?
  6. While I have no inside information, I wonder whether LD might become a Light Cavalry regiment on the strength of their name alone.

    As to the third CR2 regiment, again I have no inside track, but I wonder whether the ghastly Alex Salmond may start demanding that Scotland has its own tank regiment to repel the English come independence/devo-max. Ultimately though I think it will come down to basing. I suspect SCOTS DG will petition to be based in Scotland (or at least northern England) and the RDG to remain in Catterick which may well relegate them both to becoming light cavalry and a punchbag in the government's regular/reserve mixed force experiment.
  7. I've heard whispers that QRH are favourites for the last CR2 spot, I doubt it will be long before all is announced as a lot of re-rolling is going to have to organised.
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    Don't worry. you'll get used to threads going off on a tangent. Actually I did tell you this would happen in your original post of this thread in The Intelligence Cell.
  9. I'm not sure.
  10. It is OK so far, Brave Coward has not mentioned Arms Plotting yet!
  11. You know you want me to though!!

    In all seriousness though, I've stated my views on this and I maintain that either arms plotting or at least heavy trickle posting are key to prevent the rot of regiments in the adaptive force.
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  12. I happened to be at a visit to the RAC in bovy last week. The colonel running the she-bang came to talk to us. It was his learned and honest opinion, that whilst the final decisions will be made within two weeks, it was 90% going to be:

    QRH, KRH, RTR - CR2 aka "Armored Regiments"
    HC, LD, QDG - Jackal aka "Light Cavalry"
    RL (formation of 9/12 & QRL), RDG, Scots DG - CVRT/Scimmy/Warr aka "Armored Cavalry" also fulfilling the BRR role, but getting Scout SV in 2017

    aka's in speech marks are his words not mine

    However individual regiments will be either allocated to the reactive or adaptive forces. The gist of the benefits of the Reactive was you were ally up the first in, the adaptive that you did more "fun" things like UN/PK roles, and/or had more time to beast around canada playing laser tag with tanks.

    Also the jackal boys will end up doing reasonably large amounts of door kicking.

    Also like expect to end up with say a mastiff or a warthog if you aren't the BRR for whatever brigade you're playing conkers with.

    But feel free to piss on me and get your knickers in a twist if this is wrong.
  13. Looks about right to me. Now it is just location, location, location. First 3 easy, Tidworth as to rest who knows! Except HCR: Windsor.
  14. what would be the light cavalry's role? would the regiments you listed there stay recce but with jackals?
  15. Good question, I am sure someone will be along soon to provide an answer. Meanwhile we can while away the hours considering the merits of recce by stealth, recce by force or a bit of both and its application in an asymetric warfare environment.