Army 2020: Purple_Flash - can you deliver the Army 2020 Outputs?


The Cost of Army 2020

Purple_Flash asked: Do you, honestly, believe that it will be possible to recruit the Reserves to the new Establishment figure in the necessary time, with the resources at your disposal, to deliver the required Army 2020 outputs?
ClassOf84 mentioned: Recruiting at the moment is very poor despite the ressesion. This is partly short term due to the faliure of the new recuting system. However again as the economy picks up we will notrecruit to targets.Too much change at one one time is undermining morale. Whilst the need for the restructuring is gnerally accepted (although the Army has been cut to much, most peopleseem to accpet that now) there is lots of unnessesary change being imposed Phase 0 training being the latest one to come across my desk.In summary as the economy picks up the offer, both regualr and TA will not be good enough.
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