Army 2020: OldSnowy - How to meet the integration challenge?

Discussion in 'House of Commons' started by DOT, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. DOT

    DOT Old-Salt SME

    Assimilation versus integration

    But how did the Army chiefs tackle questions on the assimilation and integration of the Regular and Reserve Forces?


    Length of Response: 6 Minutes (1:31:27-1:37:00)
  2. So they avoided the questions! How many regular short courses are run at weekends? How many regular courses are condensed to run in the time available for reserve soldiers to attend? How does a regular unit check the credentials of a reserve person before they allow them to, for instance, run a range, command a vehicle, teach a lesson etc?

    I'd also add that there is an awful lot of typical "Regular Army HQ" thinking when it comes to integration. Using reserves may involve looking at when they can be inserted into an exercise sounds a lot like what we used to do e.g. Crusader & Lionheart!
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  3. Make it number 1 on the Reg Bn and Bde Cdr's OJAR resomsibility. Have an outside directorate judge how 'integrated' units are.
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  4. Interesting. It would appear there may after all be a small enclave of BFG remaining after withdrawal from Germany, unless the reserved training areas (and vehicles?) are going to be administered by Herman. I imagine there would be no shortage of applicants from the RO/CS community that have remained on the LOA cycle who would be keen to volunteer for that particular guardroom!
    Return to the UK? As if! :)
  5. Not just dodging questions but seemingly also dodging reality. To paraphrase, "There will have to be flexibility in the Regular Army and the Reserves. The Reserves will have to do some training mid-week and the Regular Army will have to arrange within longer exercises for the Reserves to attend for short phases."

    This is pure Regular Army thinking, ignoring the practicalities and limitations of serving two employers - only one of whom guarantees a wage. Reserves training mid-week is simply not going to happen. It is not a measure of the flexibility of the Army Reserve, it's a constraint that needs to be built into the process. The Regular Army's share of flexibility seems to be little more than what used to happen during the Cold War - every four years, the major (six week?) exercises would include two week phases for the TA. So, nothing new.

    If you watched the last two minutes of the video clip, it became evident that the generals are relying on employer public-spritedness for Reserve integration by allowing them mid-week time off. Some employers grant the necessary 10 days leave to attend a 15 day Annual Camp (with or without pay), others require that the time be taken out of Annual Leave. For the latter, a Reserve employee represents no actual cost to the employer. Do the generals really expect employers to suddenly start donating employee time (which represents cost) because of the inflexibility of the Regular Army to adapt training to weekends?

    Methinks that the generals need to discuss their plans with the Reserve rank and file and their employers before they commit themselves to something that hasn't got a chance of happening. It may be better if the integration plans were Reserve-led, because then the people at the top would have experienced being told that they can't have their way.
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  6. Trg areas will be returned to host nation control and a (small) liaison team will no doubt be left in place to act as co-ord. The trg fleet will likely be held at Ayrshire Barracks and will be shipped in & out as necessary. I doubt that will involve a lot of movement or increase in manpower or jobs for the local population, BG personnel can be used to prepare the eqpt for use/handover as required. The TFSU(G) can store anything in CHE so all the eqpt needed (or at least most of it) can be located there with few problems*.

    Edited to add:

    *Indeed that was our original intent.
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  7. I did get the distinct impression that the Brass thought that Reservists main focus was being in Green and that having a civilian job was a bit of a hobby (never mind having a family).
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