Army 2020: MBLU - Will we ever recruit 30k into the Army Reserve?

Discussion in 'House of Commons' started by DOT, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. DOT

    DOT Old-Salt SME

    The issues of size versus capability

    The MPs also questioned the Military Chiefs about the size capability of the Army 2020 plans, see their response:


    Length of Response: 24 Minutes (00:39:00 - 1:23:00)


    Length of Response: 5 Minutes (1:48:55 - 1:53:00)
  2. Although I never served with the TA, I had friends who did and I used to see them on exercise. The perennial refrain was how under strength TA units were, in particularly infantry units. I remember one occasion when a TA infantry company turned up with only about 35 men. The whole 2020 plan is predicated on a fully recruited TA of 30,000 but I see nothing that leads me to believe that the traditional recruitment problems can be overcome
  3. Consideration should certainly be given to making TA service (or whatever it will be called) a mandatory requirement for young guys 18 to 30 claiming unemployment benefits for more than three months. A mandatory enlistment, mandatory recruit training and mandatory training attendances for a minimum of 12 months - or no unemployment pay!!
    Back in the days of the old National Service there was an obligatory TA element and TA units had a rota of training cycles by groups. It worked pretty well and could be adapted for using and training those wanting to draw "the dole" for nothing.
    It would certainly get a lot of black economy scroungers off welfare.
  4. Well iv been waiting two years to rejoin my local TA unit..its behind a joke. ..two medical forms lost info and now iv been informed I need another medical THAT I HAVE TO PAY FOR MYSELF..enough is enough ...iv decided its not worth carrying on with the application. I might as well become a ACF instructor.
  5. There will be the heaviest burden on the TA units in the Reaction Force, esp 4 PARA. 16th AA is under strength with only 2 regular units (2 and 3 PARA) and 4 PARA.

    Armour TA is provided by the Royal Wessex Yeomanry though I dont expect that to be used most of the time unless its an Iraq-style invasion.