Army’s National Charity launches Current Operations Fund

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Army’s National Charity launches Current Operations Fund

The Army Benevolent Fund launches a fresh appeal on 8 October 2007 as a direct response to the mounting numbers of serving soldiers and their families in great need who require immediate help.

The Current Operations Fund has been set up specifically to support soldiers injured or families of those killed as a result of their Service during the current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The ABF is appealing to both long-standing supporters and the wider community for financial assistance. Dependent on voluntary donations, the Fund must currently raise around £5.5 million each year to continue its vital work with members of the Army Family, and with an exponential growth in cases expected, the need for public support is greater than ever.

The ABF is already supporting veterans of the ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and to date has committed over £250,000 in grants to returning soldiers and their families. Grants can cover everything from retraining a disabled soldier for a new career to a much needed holiday for a war widow and her young children.

Cases are expected to snowball in the coming years, as casualties from ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan increase. It frequently takes two or three years before cases are referred to the ABF and the Fund has recently seen a significant rise in appeals for help from recent veterans of the two conflicts. Although set up in response to current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Current Operations Fund will be available to support soldiers injured during any future theatre of operation, irrespective of their location.

Donations to the ABF to support the new fund can now be made through our website using a secure payment system operated by

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