Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Praetorian, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. For those gym monkeys amongst us, what does the combined wisdom of ARRSE say about Arm workouts, in the context of working different muscle groups?

    A day doing all Arms, or split Biceps and Triceps throughout the week?


  2. Either or. It depends on what kind of time and effort you are putting into the other(more important)muscle groups.

    Some points to note:

    1)If you want to build big arms, work your triceps; they make up two thirds of your upper arm mass. Everyone likes working the Gunz with Bicep Curls, but heavy triceps exercises like Dips, Close Grip Bench and Skull Crushers will give you bigger, stronger arms. And strong triceps help with Bench Press, Military Press etc.

    2)Biceps and triceps get a lot of secondary training with exercises such as Bench, Military Press, Pull Ups, Barbell Rows etc. Be careful not to over-train.

    3)If you are more interested in hypertrophy(size)than strength, use 5 sets of 10 reps each on exercises like curls, skull-crushers etc. With exercises like Close Grip Bench, you can use more weight and less reps. It's good to have a balance between hypertrophy and strength training in your workouts. Otherwise you end up as all show and no go.
  3. Any one exercise depend on the your choice and the need of your body figure... You should chose either biceps or triceps according to the requirement....
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  5. Doing arms alone would be very unproductive. Try doing 1 day tricepts and chest 2nd day the opposing muscle groups: Back(Lats) and bicepts. As shoulders are a composition of several muscles you could do them in a workout alone with a bit of traps work.

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