Arms technology deal Between US and UK gains momentum.

After the fiasco over Tech soverignty for the F-35.


Some progress towards avoiding future repeats or perhaps another subtle sign of us becoming a US foreign policy lapdog?

This goes back a long way and almost certainly started before Mr Blair became PM. I know from personal experience it will make collaboration between the two countries a lot easier, I managed part of a UK/US programme a few years ago and the red tape part was a perpetual pain in the *rse.
Possibly the responce of a kind to the European aspiration for a group hug in on tech sharing.

A sutble bit of bribery, perhaps?
'McCormack said the Bush administration was working with U.S. lawmakers to get the treaty ratified.'

Probably be same as the Bankers Three, UK sends and US dosen't.
And Yes we probbaly have something they need.

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