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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Petit_prince, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    could somebody please explain the mechanics of this board to me? I am in the process of transferring to the Int Corps from another service, and have been told that this is the next stage in the process. I understand it is a paper board, but don't really know a great deal else- i.e: what proportion of candidates at the selection board are accepted/rejected?

    Any answers gratefully received.

  2. Dead simple here,

    If you were "encouraged" to transfer by some senior (Lt Col min) offr in the Corps then you are a shoe-in as you obviously have some skill we want. If this underatking is entirely of your own doing, then you should be an individual of the highest quality. The guys and gals we now take from Sandhurst are the creme del la creme. If you don't have a first (possibly a 2.1) from one of the traditional universities, then you can forget it. On top of that, if you're already serving then your annual appraisals better be damn good. At least in my experience, such as it is......
  3. a paper board?

    won't that collapse?

    *tumbleweed again* :)

    p.s. yes ive been drinking lol
  4. No need to say it twice. And who said he's called Del?
  5. someone else is back from the bar too then :) check your PMs perevodkachaserspleasebarman :)
  6. Thank you for your responses. I was pointed in the direction of the Int Corps by a senior officer in my service, who then put me in touch with a friend/former colleague of his in the corps. I do have a couple of languages (French/Russian/rather lapsed German), as well as the associated MODLEB qualifications. I also have a good degree (albeit not a first..) from one of the traditional universities and would hope that my appraisals thusfar would set me apart from my peers as being an individual of the highest quality. I've been interviewed by the Director, and have been told that I am being sent forward for consideration at the Arms Selection Board, hence my original question.

    Again, many thanks for your responses.

  7. let's open this up a bit.

    do people agree that this is the case, in this day and age?

    i'm inclined to disagree. i can't recall working for any int corps officer from oxford or cambridge.

    or hull.
  8. We tend to be weighted towards LE Officers on this side of the Corps; hardly a degree in sight, let alone posh-numbered-thingy degrees. I can't name one single Oxbridge type, but I did work with a Lance Jack that had a degree in marble flooring.
  9. There are all sorts of academic Wunderkinder around in the Corps, but they are oddly thin on the ground anywhere real work is being done. Working DE Ruperts tend to be jolly good sorts, often with qualifications in useful disciplines such as a Gentleman's Third in Botany from the University of Gaborone. This may have changed, since, but that was certainly my impression while I was in.
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  10. And no, he didn't study at Hull poly.
  11. Completely off thread, I was once on the p!ss with a YO from the Corps in the Sarajevo NIC bar, top bloke, pad brat. Anyway, this pompous head-stuck-up-his-own-arrse 9/12 Capt butts in to the conversation and introduces himself to said YO. Conversation turns to pre Army days and conversation goes like this:

    9/12 feckwit "So where were you educated then?"

    YO "Windsor"

    9/12 "Oh really, Eton?"

    YO "No, Windsor Comp; Rheindahlen"

    Feckwit walks off in disgust.

    YO to Eye_spy "Who's that t!t"

    E-S "DISLO"

    9/12 feckwit gets sacked a few weeks later much to our amusement.