Arms Selection Board To Become A Medical Cadet

This is my first post on here, after a long time of just observing.
I am hoping that someone would be able to give me a bit of information about the Arms Selection Board. I will be sitting it sometime this year, as I have been to AOSB and passed. I am currently at medical school, and have been planning my whole life to go into the army as a medical officer.
I know that the ASB has 4 medical officers, and one non-medical colonel, but I'm not sure how I should prepare for it as I am not sure what kind of things will come up.
I keep up to date with current affairs, reading the Independent, Guardian, and Al Jazeera.
I have been trying to brush up on my military knowledge. Branches of the army, hierarchy, secretary of state for defence.... General knowledge things.

Should I be looking into ethical arguments, like euthanasia, abortion etc.?
Are they going to quiz me on medical knowledge? What muscle is this, how would you treat xyz, how does drug abc work?
Or is it going to be more about motivation to join the army, and why are you wanting to be a doctor?

I'm a little bit lost as to what it is they are assessing at the Arms Selection Board. And would very much appreciate your assistance.


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No idea, but the very best of luck; with an AOSB pass under your belt, I wonder if you could conceivably do the full course and end up as a "proper" officer as well as a doctor. Either way, congratulations on what is already a substantial achievement.
Thanks for kind words.
If anyone else has any information about the Arms Selection Board, I would be very grateful for your insight.
Many thanks
You may want to consider reading the Telegraph or Times as a build up and in addition to your more 'liberal' reading at the present time.
I wish you well.