Arms from Iran to Bosnia and then on to Iraq ....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 16, 2006.

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  1. This one made me chuckle.

    Back in the early 90s, Iran was supplying copious amounts of weopans to Muslim forces in Bosnia. Flights into Croatian airports were fairly regular, as were ships docking at ports, and all with the tacit approval of NATO and WEU observers supposedly enforcing an arms embargo. There is credible evidence to suggest that the US itself flew, or directly supported, covert flights into Dubrave Airbase (Tuzla) loaded with arms for the Muslims - all denied of course.

    Now this particular american chappie has information that arms are now being re-exported from Tuzla Bosnia into Iraq, into the hands of insurents to kill americans! Incredible!

    Nothing usurps capitalism when it comes to leadership in the industry of death!
  2. 8O The worst thing about this, assuming these weapons have been delivered into insurgent hands, is that it won't just be americans dealing with it. So will we. Also, i'm fairly sure that we would have been selling arms as well. We aren't exactly whiter than white. :D
  3. Have seen police and locals with zastavas over there, so who knows where they went!
  4. Hmmm. A few points here. "Copious" is a tad over the top. The Bosniak team were usually well under-armed compared to the Serbs. The Serbs only crumbled after they got a shellacking from the regular Croatian Army - equipped and trained by the yanks with German help. (Op Storm). They got to that dam on Route Gull just south of Banja Luka for those that know the geography.

    Yes, its pretty certain that the yanks few at least one load of arms into Dubrave. The flights were witnessed by Norwegians at the UN base a couple of miles away. This was when the yanks were trying to balance things out, while the UK and Europe tried to enforce a very one sided arms embargo. Actually one of the more shameful bits of UK "diplomacy". ( If you want a conspiracy theory try - Gen James Campbell, later Comd MND N and based at Eagle was "chief PT Instructor" at West Point when the "Black Jets" landed. Hmmmm. That would be a job leaving a lot of spare time....)

    The article quoted just says there is no trace of the weapons landing in Iraq, not that they ended up in the hands of insurgents. That they were intended for the Iraqi police probably means the whole thing was set up by the yanks anyway.

    Overall the Bosnians are probably the least fanatical muslims I've ever met. The few mudji nutters tended to be foreigners I believe ? I'd not put Bosnia in the same league as Iran anyway, not even Turkey.
  5. 'Copious' to me means simply, 'a hell of a lot.' I don't know the precise amount, by the LA Times was quoting "With the tacit U.S. approval, U.S. officials said, the arms pipeline grew into a large and well-organized airlift operating through Turkey and Croatia, supplying thousands of tons of small arms and other light equipment."
    I have no argument that this did not equate to the even greater quantities of JNA arms supplied to the VRS.

    But the title left a distinct hint.

    From start to finish, the story has more mirrors and copious amounts of smoke to obscure the 'truth'. I just found it rather funny that in other threads in this place, we are discussing a possible attack on Iran, at least in part due to its links to terrorist / insurgent groups.
    Is this the same Iran that was covertly supplied weapons by the US as part of a fund raising exercise to provide support to insurgents in South America?
    Is this the same Iran that was 'encouraged' and/or 'permitted' to supply arms to one side in a bitter civil war, but is now condemned for selling arms to another side in another civil war?
    I could go on, but the hypocracy is beginning to stink!!! :wink:

    PS. HV/HVO took the 'town' of Bocac on 9 Oct after the VRS had 'agreed' to vacate it without a fight (considering it as indefensible), electing to set up a defensive line further up the Vrbas valley. Over the next few days (beyond the introduction of the ceasefire) the 2nd and 3rd Gds Bde HVO and the 7th Gds Bde HV pushed up the river at great cost - apparently suffering, proportionatly, more losses than at any other period of fighting within croat ranks. At the same time, a little to the west, the 1st Gds Bde HVO and 4th Gds Bde HV were pushing up the Manjaca range. Both lines of advance were being defended by the 1st Armd Bde VRS who had been withdrawn from Posavina for this very purpose. Lots of nonsense written about regular and irregular forces from SRJ taking part in the Bosnian war post-92, hardly a peep about whole brigades of HV fighting ABiH or VRS. Funny that..... :wink:
  6. I seem to recall reading of WW2 vintage Sten guns turning up during the Bosnian conflict
  7. Interesting. Likely to be from WW2 - ex-SOE or donated directly by UK to the Jugoslav partisans. Many such weapons were stored post-war in war stocks or TO (Territorial Defence) armouries.

    Have heard of a partisan war memorial featuring a correctly-detailed Bren Gun. Have also seen a British SMLE rifle in ex-Yugoslavia.
  8. I've got a picture of Croat police reservist manning a check-point on bridge with a WW1 Lewis machine gun! WW2 weapons were 'normal'. :roll: