Arms and the Red Cross

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gunner82, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Photos in the press today of Pte Michelle Norris RAMC a plucky young lady who rescued her wounded Sergeant under fire in Iraq, showed her with a Red Cross brassard and a SA80. I was under the impression that the Geneva Convention prohibited the carrying arms by medical staff? Sure we had a lecture at Sandbags about the subject but it was a long time ago. Have the rules changed or do the public like seeing all members of HM Forces with weapons?

    Old Gunners etc.
  2. Under Geneva/Haig conventions medical personnel are allowed to carry arms for self protection.
  3. ...and to protect those they are caring for.
  4. I think it was only Pte Godfrey who carried a medical bag and not a rifle as well!
  5. Padre wears a Red Cross brassard and is unarmed; he just prays on the enemy.

    He told me that if the army adopts the ICRC's third protocol symbol, the Red Crystal,


    he'll start wearing a Dream Catcher round his neck.
  6. Right exactly and furthermore I would add, that even if medics carrying arms was prohibited by the Geneva/Haig conventions [ which of course it is not ] it would be entirely morally correct for Medics to carry arms in Iraq, in that in the main one is not dealing with an enemy that has any sort of legitimate goals nor in the main do the insurgents wish to pursue those goals by legitimate means in the military sphere or other legitimate activities, what one is dealing with in the main are quite simply exterminationist fascists that wish to exterminate everyone who is not a Muslim and exterminate every Muslim who would actively oppose them.