Armourers - What Does PHT Stand For?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Rooper, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. At work today one of the lads brought a 60mm Mortar to me to ask what the stamping around top of the barrel meant.

    The stamping read P.H.T 840kg/CM2 (as in Cm Sq) along with the serial number. At first guess I would hazard that it's something to do with barrel pressure etc but would appreciate any more informed/technical answers.

    I questioned a number of mortarmen but they didn't have a clue!

    Any of you technical chappies able to help out?
  2. Proof House Tested I'd imagine.
  3. proof houses only proof up to 2 inch, and dont mark like that, but it is something to do with a pressure test i'm guessing.
  4. Porn Handling Test
  5. Pressure Hold Test, I'd say, but will take more expert guidance. AIUI it's used to test the integrity of pressurised systems by monitoring pressure dissipation (loss), although I've only seen it used in air-handling systems.
  6. You could ask the average mortar platoon bod what time of day it is and he would scratch his head and mutter.

  7. Please Hold Tenderly!
  8. He was coming on to you:

    P arty
    'H ypnol

    The affixed numbers were the grid reference where it was to take place.