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Discussion in 'REME' started by dennis10, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. I'm going to become an armourer (hopefully) and I was wondering if there are any armourers out there who can tell me what sort of weapons they've got their hands on. Pistols, machine guns, artillery etc.

    I want know what weapons I can expect to work with. Could you include specifics rather than saying "you will work with all weapons in the army".

  2. Going from the descriptions and previous posts it seems they fix everything from pistols to the tank main guns.

    Im set to become an armourer myself hopefully :D
  3. Where you at in your application. I've got my medical stuff back, give it into AFCO tomorrow and hope they get back to me quickly.
  4. Ive just got my medical forms today :D.
  5. Did your careers advisor tell you when the next set of armourers would start. Mine told me June or July. It's a long time to wait. I started my application early Dec and was hoping to start training in May.
  6. I beleive it says the next set of intakes on your form with job options..

    Think its the start of may for armourers and i remember they were 45 positions.
  7. Since I've just finished masturbating to Japanese girls doing things that should not be legal I'm in a somewhat good mood. I'm at a light role unit, currently held in the armourys:

    SA80, LSW, Minimi, GPMG, 9mm Browning, 9mm Sig Sauer for some reason unknown to me, UGL, that new fangled sniper rifle, Javelin, 51mm Mortar, 81mm Mortar. So that is what to roughly expect if you are sent to a light role unit, armoured units will see you working on a similar setup but throw in the comedy weapons of the Warrior on top of that.
  8. although I was discgarged in Jan 87, as am Armourer I worked on everything from signal flare through to 120mm wombat, Milan, 30mm Rarden etc
  9. As an Armourer you will get to handle an almost infinite amount of different pornographic media. This will enable you to practice your personal weapon drill. Top tip: Buy lots of kleenex, the blue roll you get from the G10 store chafes.

    As for guns, all sorts. Big ones, little ones, everything from .22" No 8 rifles through to 7.62 GPMG, .50" HMG, 40mm GMG and a load of other number and letter combinations which probably won't make sense till you're on your trade course. Bottom line - if it goes bang you will have something to do with it.

    And you get to sharpen knives. Alone in the dark, preferably.
  10. My Regt armourer did a fine job of fixing the radiator in my office. I gather they're pretty handy with anything with tubes or pipes.
  11. Alot of our time was spent repairing anything that was not weapon related, ie bikes, cookers, bagpipes, drums, being able to engrave the smallest of objects. Also officers Shotguns, some of which were worth alot of money.

    I reckon it is one of the best trades going, you get to work on alot of things, they don't just go bang.
  12. I find the trick is sitting in a darkened room watching the finest Japanese dominatrixes available on the internet.
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  13. Whilst sharpening knives? The force is strong in this one...
  14. Sitting in darkened room playing with things that go bang.

    That takes me back :)

    "No Staff, come back and let me out in 1 hour, I ain't finished yet ! " lol

    And Slags Ball - Bordon - Weds night.

    And getting jailed off 6* Armr for staying a whole week at a party in London,
    Her mum bubbled me to the RMP.

    The REME RSM telling me my haircut was too severe for the REME - I was confused by that one.
  15. In afghan all they seemed to do was make ash trays, shot glasses and wine coolers from brass.