Armourers in the Army Air Corps

Discussion in 'REME' started by downunder87, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me do armourers work on any helecopter weapons systems.
  2. What, even bigger than the Recy Mechs stash?
  3. That is not a stash, it is a library.
  4. And a good set of hiking boots. Particularly useful if another Apache barrel falls off and you have to troll across Otterburn (or wherever) to find it.
  5. Whilst possibly (though doubtful IMHO) larger in quantity, a Recce Mech's porn stash will no doubt be let down in the area of quality. Too many decade-old Razzles with spaff glued pages do not a porn library make. On the other hand, an average armourer's grot collection (either digital or hardcopy(fnarr)) will be a true voyage of degradation, covering domination, scat, bestiality, **** lesbo dwarves (useful for Warhammer apparently), and donkey punch snuff. All correctly categorised and housed in a Thomas bin.
  6. Top summary Themanwho, I can remember both Rec Mechs and Armrs that fit into those very stereotypical categories!
  7. I spent 3 years fixing 4 Regts weapons. The GPMG L112A1 ARD derivative and buffer assembly mainly for the Lynx. When the Apache started to sneek in the Chain guns came in thick and fast. They hardly ever used their small arms (Rifles,LSW's,and pistols). Good 3 years though all the same.

    The DOC
  8. Anyone want to buy/rent some porn, I have thomas bins full of the stuff :)
  9. Only ONE Thomas bin? Surely at least a 6' x 3' metal cabinet, filled with correctly (cross) referenced training material, properly secured (of course) when not supervised by said Technician. :)