Armourers Help Desk...... isn't.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Crafty4Life, Dec 7, 2010.

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  2. The course before yours didn't get their posting orders after 6 weeks believe me! More like 4 weeks before the end of course.
  3. Well, I'm happy to say that the Armourers Help Desk* have bent over backwards to help me out and could well have just chinned me off. They have put some hours in sorting out my situation and I have no complaints whatsoever.

    As for a posting coming late; we have people here tipping up with their MFO boxes and booking out chits asking if they can forward their Assignment Order and posting details when they get it :) Now that is leaving it late!

    You could be really unlucky and be my replacement - If you are then I apologise in advance! :) You'll just have to suck it and see.

    What did you put down for your preferences?

    Good luck and hope you get a good one. (Course going OK?)


    * It's not an Armourers Help Desk, it's an Armourers Get The Feckin Job Done Desk ;-)
  4. C4L PM sent
  5. Whoa! When did P3 crafties start dictating to RMRO where they should be posted to? If you can't stand the heat sign off. From the information you posted it shoud'nt be to hard to identify you, so I hope the fat civvie you refered to is reading this thread and sends you to your worst nightmare of a posting!!
  6. He can have mine - I'm off to play in Germany! :)
  7. I got my posting today! over the moon!!
  8. Hah- it was my cse, the cse before the cse before you that got them 6 wks in, then mine was changed 2 wks before the end of cse, then it took 3 months in post before I got a new one!

    CC, thought you were there by now?
    Just wondering which of the cse you are C4L- do you have boobs?
  9. Good stuff - off anywhere nice? Any of your lot get AACen - Middle Wallop. Might want to PM me if they did ;-)

    617 - I'm due in Fally 3 Jan - Can't wait to get stuck in!

    How's ye bro?
  10. @ OP.

    Crafty4Life - Lets hope not ey ;)
  11. Obviously seen the error of his ways as he has removed his fat civvy remarks.
  12. Common sense has prevailed - we all say stuff in the heat of the moment to let off steam, when miss-informed or when generally having one of them days.
  13. Wise up how long to go. On my basic course all given postings 8 weeks before end of course, 3 weeks to go 8 out of 12 postings changed. Did I say that was1981 how nothing changed. As a red arsed crafty you should'nt expect any less.
  14. In an organisation that supposedly rates its manpower as its most prized asset they bloody well should expect to be treated in a correct manner.
  15. How long have you been envolved with the Corps ! As long as the chosen few get what they want or where they want when they want the rest are expendable. I totally agree with EScotia but as normal just one of those new Fad/Buzz word flying around.